April 2, 2023
Online Store

Product package boxes and shopping bag in cart with laptop computer which web store shop on screen for online shopping and delivery concept


Although the pandemic of Covid-19 has taught mankind many lessons, it has also urged the common man to be readily available for online shopping. Very few people are unaware of the internet and the majority of them are browsing or searching for cool products online in 2021. As technology has performed advancements, the human race has also learned the lesson of resilience and courage along with persistence to face any calamity with a brave heart.

Post-Pandemic Business Transformations:

The post-pandemic time has caused many businessmen to rethink and reschedule their business strategies aligning them with the new circumstances. In these new circumstances, social distancing and online shopping are the two major changes everyone knows about. So now almost every business owner is shifting his business to the online version of business deploying some Online Store for entering the global market in 2021.

Perfect Time to avail of the 3S Cart portal:

The perfect time to avail of the 3S Cart portal is certainly mid of 2021. Currently, you can opt for this great option and illuminate your future with successful colors.

Aiming for the Global Target Audience:

The perfect idea is to realize where the majority of customers are present. Since every potential customer is actively online you must aim for your target audience online too. Entering the global market comes with the benefit of aiming for the global target audience thus improving your chance to become successful in your online business.

All-time Open Business Hours:

When you are hitting the global market you must know its greatest advantage is that your online business is operational all the time. There is not even a single second that your business may rest or sleep. So you need to provide customer support 24/7 as you are entering the global market for sure. The all-time open business hours depict your chances of earning more and more. Your business scope will be diversified and it will be a great experience if you utilize 3S Cart in this awesome and exciting venture.

What is 3S Cart Online Store?

3S Cart is an Online Store portal that lets you define your store settings to enter the extensive global market. 3S Cart is available right now for all the existing customers of SMACC software.

1. Product Management:

While selling online, you need organized and systematic product management for your online business. Product management is defined as the organizing of business products on your e-commerce store for easy searching and filtering by the customers. You can represent your valuable products in a way to help your customers find the required product easily. The products are categorized into collections and featured products as well as new volumes. You can also add and manage bulk products through the Excel sheet feature. The inventory of SMAC software is directly connected so that any product sale updates the inventory’s quantity of that product.

2. Store Customization:

Now your 3S Cart store is highly customizable as you can design the footer, header, and sliders simultaneously. There are many types of themes available in the 3S Cart settings that help you decide which theme you want for your business’s online presence.

3. Shipping and Delivery Facility:

The shipping and delivery facility can be understood easily by reading the below-mentioned points.

  • Location-Based Shipping: By taking the services of an already established worldwide shipping company you can run your online business, for example, Aramex.
  • Self-pick-up: In this case, the customer himself is accountable for picking up the desired product from the nearby store.
  • Store Owner Delivery: Furthermore, the last type of delivery for the customers is facilitated by the store owner himself.

4. Customer Support:

An excellent level of customer support is maintained and provided to global customers 24/7 to keep the online business running smoothly and ferociously. You can communicate with the customers with the help of their data like an email address or text them on their phone number for any information regarding their queries about 3S Cart.

5. Newsletter Subscriptions:

The customers can now subscribe to the newsletter of 3S Cart by providing their email addresses to the online portal. Newsletters are savagely important in the marketing of your Online Store. You keep your customers updated about the upcoming features and services by the 3S Cart. This is a great way to keep your customers engaged with your online business by sparking their area of interest.

The Conclusive Notion:

Hence the conclusive idea is straightforwardly urging you to start your online business in the middle of 2021 by relying on the 3S Cart modern functionality. You are never going to regret utilizing the 3S Cart along with SMACC’s powerful backbone of the inventory management module. Earning money is much easier now as with every calamity blessings are also showered and this online business can turn into your major blessing in 2021.