December 7, 2022

Serverstack is a Mumbai-based company that was founded with the purpose of providing industry leaders with productive and high-quality servers. Rack Servers, Tower Servers, Asus Servers, and Storage Servers are all fine-tuned and high-performing.

Serverstack is a company that helps businesses expand all around the world. We have expanded along with extreme IT breakthroughs, allowing our servers to give you with advanced software and technologies built-in. We offer a comprehensive range of ASUS and Serverstack servers, as well as efficient server sizes, ranging from 1U Rack servers to 4U Rack servers.

We are the official partners of ASUS, a well-known IT firm. Serverstack offers a wide choice of high-quality ASUS servers at a low price. ASUS excels in server technology, and our services add value to these servers.

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Serverstack Aims

Serverstack considers client satisfaction to be our first priority, and our services are entirely focused on this purpose. We offer a set of servers with unsurpassed networking speed, reliability, and low power consumption, as well as a dedicated support team available 24/7.

Why Trust Us?

We give you certain unique features that distinguish our well-equipped ASUS servers from standard servers.

More than 10 years in business — We have been in this business for more than 10 years and are definitely counted among the best.

Support is guaranteed – We guarantee that our support services are available 24/7/365.

Quality servers at a reasonable price – We offer some of ASUS’s best hand-crafted servers at a very low cost, reducing the chances of any problems arising.


Serverstack is well-known for its services, and we can provide you with the greatest server at the best price.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does a business need to purchase a server?

A server is used to store enormous amounts of data. It is designed to manage massive amounts of data transfer through a network. When a company grows, the necessity for data storage grows as well. They cannot compromise with any cloud storage options because the data saved is confidential and important. As a result, as a firm grows, it should purchase a server to ensure that its day-to-day operations run smoothly. To run effectively in a multi-tasking environment, our server may be expanded to 300TB storage and 512GB RAM.

Which is the most cost-effective Server?

The ASUS RS500-E8-PS4 server is the most cost-effective server for your Data Center, with High Efficiency and Future-Proofing. The RS500-E8-PS4 is a 1U rack server with excellent computing power, memory and storage capacity, and very flexible expandability. The RS500-E8-PS4 is designed with quality components throughout to deliver excellent dependability and efficiency, making it appropriate for datacenter deployment as well as small and medium company applications.

What are the advantages of purchasing a server for a small business?

As a server, all of your crucial data will be stored in one location. This will allow startups and small enterprises to go about their everyday tasks without worrying about a data breach. They may concentrate on growing their business as much as possible because the server allows the owner to customize their storage server if necessary. For a small firm, the storage server is a one-time investment. Purchasing a server for your company is undoubtedly the best decision you will ever make.

What is the best server setup for a small business with 11 to 50 employees?

The setup of a server is determined by the amount of storage used, not by the number of people working in an organization. You can start with an entry-level ASUS 2u server and improve it as needed. Our server professionals are ready to assist you in selecting the best server for your needs.