December 7, 2022
Roof Inspection

Taking care of your house is taking care of your life. Among the house’s inevitable parts, the roof inspection is a major fraction that must be properly built and looked after. It defends you in many ways, so defending it yourself should be an automatic response.

Big thanks to the roof, you can live inside your own shelter covered and protected against the heat of the sun, the outpour of rain, the weight of snow, the heap of falling leaves and more. Truly, because of the roof, the home becomes snuggly and safe. 

As the roof plays a crucial role, making sure that it’s always in a good condition is a must. Once the roof gets damaged, and you ignore it, the whole house can be gravely affected. To determine any possible wreckage that can cause safety hazards to the house and to its owners and inhabitants, roof inspection is must!

Best performed by expert roofers but can also be done by yourself, roof inspection enables you to identify any problem on your roof and to quickly take action regarding its solutions. It is often overlooked when homeowners assume that their roofs are always just fine, yet another reason why some do not execute roof inspection is that they do not know when to do it.

To help you answer that dilemma, below is a list that tells you when an urgent roof inspection is needed. Read on and be informed!


Leaks entering your interiors, coming from the roof, are not simply inconvenient; they can be threatening as well. 

When you notice that the roof is terribly leaking, you should do a roof inspection as soon as you can. Roof leaks can gradually cripple wooden roof framing. Add to that the bigger problem if they fall down into walls. If frequently left ignored, these seemingly harmless leaks can cause the whole roof system to deteriorate. 

On a different topic, roof leaks entering the house through the ceiling may directly fall on electrical appliances, sockets, wirings and cables without your knowledge. To avoid and prevent the mishaps that these may result in, immediately check your roof and fix any spot that may become an access to water and rain.


Defective shingles are also the cause of roof leaks, but their issues are not limited to that. They can ruin the visual appeal of your home, killing its beauty and oldening its freshness too. 

Never hesitate to go for a roof inspection when there are broken and missing shingles up there. Through them, critical parts of the roof get exposed to several environmental elements. Undermining them is like giving water and mold free passes to your home.

Do not wait for more of them to get busted. You will never know when one missing shingle can actually be the initiator of a large-scale roof problem. While you can still easily control the risks, move.


Being prepared always pays off. When the news reports approaching intense weathers, such as rainstorms and heavy snowfall, get your roof inspection done as early as possible. 

Before the weather turns strong, make your roof strong! Ascertain that it won’t get blown away by the wind. Hope that if zero amount of roof damage is quite impossible, only minimal and controlled damages will happen to it during storms. 

It’s better to be sure now than sorry later, so go for a roof inspection before these harsh weather changes.


A thorough roof inspection must also be done after storms and snowfall. Regardless of whether or not you were able to check the roof before these natural events, you should do a post-storm scanning. 

Especially if you’ve heard noises coming from the roof’s materials during the storms, you should be concerned to closely see what those sounds are when the storms have already passed. 

The aftermath of the rough winds, rainfall, snow, hail and fallen leaves on the roof are expectedly swerious. See what happened to your roof. Do roof repairs straightaway. 


Some people think that only constant heavy rain can destroy roofs. What they are not aware of is that the cruel heat of the sun also can! 

Have a roof inspection done after an incredibly hot season. Regardless if it’s summer or not, as long as it was a severe heat that may have caused some roof materials to weaken and  crumble, have it done. Consider roof repairs and replacement as needed. 


Pests are the roof’s most famous enemies. When you know that your house is infested by roof rats, don’t be reluctant! Schedule a roof inspection without delay!

This will allow you to eliminate the bothersome rodents and to determine the areas they devastated. Promptly pay attention to roof repairs and renovations demanded by the breakages.


You invest in a house that keeps you secure and comfortable. If your abode is too hot or too cold for you, then there’s something to fix. That something might be your roof. The roof can actually affect the temperature of home interiors. Depending on the materials and construction of your roof, it can either absorb heat or let it bounce back.

A roof inspection should be done if the interior ventilation of your home seems inefficient for you, making your quality of living poor. You can adjust or repair your roof according to what suits your ease. You deserve the last word.


Could you relate to the above-mentioned points? If yes, then it’s time for an urgent roof inspection!

Remember, the roof may be tough, wide and heavy-duty, but it is the part of the house that’s exposed to the most risk. Since it is greatly an external installation, it experiences everything that happens outside, from top to bottom and from left to right. From natural factors to man-made elements, the roof is affected. 

Roof inspection is a must in order to detect breaks, cracks, holes, marks, ripping and other issues that may get worse and that may result in danger if not immediately fixed. Through it, you can perform the needed roof repairs and improvements in no time, thus, you can prevent perils in, on and around your dwelling.  

When you know that it’s time for an urgent roof inspection, don’t think twice anymore! You will regret it if you step into the scene a little too late, and your roof suffers more. Urgent issues need urgent actions. Inspect the roof as soon as possible!

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Nicole Ann Pore writes for various companies based in Australia and in the United Kingdom. She is a Communications graduate from De La Salle University, Manila.