June 1, 2023
Tips for Moving House

Moving houses is undoubtedly one of the most stressful challenges you can set yourself – especially if you haven’t done it many times.

The reason for this is that, because your home forms the bedrock of your life, there are few experiences more unsettling than deconstructing it, packing it away into boxes, and moving on to unfamiliar surroundings. 

As emotional roller coasters go, moving to a new property is up there with the most intense. What’s more, when you are busy with work or a family, trying to pull off the logistical nightmare that is shifting a property’s worth of possessions across towns, states, or even countries is horrible.

Unfortunately, the scale of this challenge makes the idea of moving house incredibly off-putting to many people – even if it is in their best interests. 

Therefore, you need to break the task of moving houses down into bite-size chunks, to make it far easier to tackle without becoming overwhelmed. 

To help you get to grips with these smaller tasks, here are some top tips for moving houses seamlessly:

Hire a Man with a Van

Arguably, the biggest challenge you will face when trying to move from one property to another is how you are going to transport your belongings. Unless you own a van or truck, you will not have the necessary storage in your car to transport your possessions (especially for larger furniture items like couches and beds).

You may, therefore, be tempted to hire a removal company, which could be a good option. After all, they will take care of the entire process and make the house move far less logistically difficult. 

However, removal companies are expensive, and you may not be able to budget for them.

Instead, why not rent a man and van? A man with a van service gives you the load capacity necessary to complete smaller house moves without the huge costs of hiring a team to move your furniture. 

Minimize Disruption by Planning Ahead

One of the worst parts of a house move is the last-minute decision-making and stress of juggling your life commitments with work and the time needed to pack and move your belongings. 

While there is no concrete way of eliminating this logistical stress, you can do your best to minimize disruption by planning the move well in advance. 

Decide upon your move date (again, this may depend a lot on when you sell your house or end your rental contract, whether this matches up with you securing another), and start looking for transport, boxes for packing, and completing other time-consuming tasks. 

This will help you stay one step ahead of the game when it comes to actually moving.

Be Ruthless with What You Keep

Deciding which items you want to keep and which items you want to get rid of is one of the most heart-wrenching and frustrating processes you have to endure when moving house. 

However, it is best to be ruthless with your choices. Being sentimental is admirable, but you have to ask yourself what you actually use or admire regularly, and which items seem to live perpetually in boxes in your attic, never to be seen apart from during clear-outs. Getting rid of these items will make a move far easier and faster.