April 2, 2023
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The Daily Norseman is SBNation’s home for the Minnesota Vikings. It’s home to all your favorite Vikings game threads. The website also hosts a variety of Vikings news. We’ve got it all: Justin Jefferson, Christopher Gates, and the Viking’s offensive line.

Christopher Gates

Christopher Gates is the creator of Daily Norseman and is also the lead writer for the website. He writes about the Vikings and covers their offseason and OTA. In this interview, he talks about how the Vikings are doing this year and whether they are ready to play a contender in the NFC North.

Vikings offensive line

If you’re a fan of the NFL, you probably follow the Vikings’ offensive line. However, it’s not all about talent. The Vikings have a long history with the position, and their coaches have known them since the NFL Draft and free-agency periods. This year, the team has made some changes to its offensive scheme and depth chart.

The right side of the line has been a bright spot this year. Joe Berger was named to the E$PN Insider All-Underrated Team, and he’s been a great addition to the offensive line.

Unfortunately, injuries have wreaked havoc on the line, as the Vikings lost starters at center and right tackle. However, Berger has performed well as the backup center, and he’s rated fourth overall among center candidates.

Vikings draft

The offensive line has looked good thus far, but there are still a few questions to be answered. For example, should the Vikings draft a guard rather than a tackle? That’s a big question. However, with the talent level of this group, they could improve over the long term.

As a result, a number of Vikings fans are worried about the team’s offensive line. Since 2015, this position group has underperformed expectations. And in 2016, the line was at its worst. Not only were the expected starters absent for most of the season, but their bench was unprepared. The offensive line is now arguably the worst in franchise history.

Justin Jefferson

The Vikings’ offense is a shining star and Jefferson is one of the best players on the team. He’s been productive on slants, selling fakes, and zone coverage. He doesn’t fear contact on middle routes and relies on his technical knowledge and ability to sell fakes.

A slender, six-foot-two receiver, Jefferson has excellent hands and can compete in space. He also has decent speed. However, his play strength isn’t as good as it could be and he gets ‘bodied’ by bigger corners, which hurts his overall game.

Jefferson’s Production

Jefferson’s production at LSU was largely due to the high-powered offense that he ran there, and he may struggle to replicate that in the NFL.

In Sunday’s win over the Bears, Jefferson caught 12 of his 13 targets for 154 yards, a two-point conversion, and a 23-yard pass. His dominance of the Bears’ defense was impressive.

His catch percentage was an incredible 66.7 percent and he also had clutch receptions of six yards, fourteen yards, and twenty-four yards. Even though he didn’t get a touchdown in the game, he still has a chance to go over 100 yards again.

Despite Jefferson’s average size, he’s had a strong season. In his last five games, he has four 100-yard games. He’s also an effective route runner.

The Daily Norseman – Minnesota Vikings Offense Needs Revealing

The first OTAs for the Minnesota Vikings is underway. Here’s a first look at the team’s offensive line. The Daily Norseman has the details. This article also features Christopher Gates and Ted Glover. It’s a fun read. Read it now. And don’t miss future articles!

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Ted Glover

Ted Glover is a writer for the Daily Norseman. In this episode, he joins Moose and Farley to break down the Vikings’ recent slump and preview Minnesota’s future on Bison 1660. In this episode, Ted Glover breaks down the team’s needs on offense, special teams, and defense.