April 1, 2023
Space Missions

Space Missions

It’s difficult to keep track of everything humanity sends into space, so we created a list of 20 Space Missions to help you plan for all the exciting times in space travel, planetary research, and even colonization in the next decade.

As it stands, the Falcon Heavy is scheduled to lift off. The rocket’s first test flight was seen as a major success for Elon Musk and his company after it successfully blasted off from Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, on February 6th, 2018. The mission will be broadcast live by several networks including SpaceX TV (a subscription service), CNET UK (free access), and Fox Business Network. This launch will undoubtedly become one of the most-watched Space Missions in the next decade as SpaceX plans to send 12,000 communication satellites into Earth’s orbit within the next year.

The notion has already caused a stir. Dark sky groups are concerned that the vast constellation of satellites may counteract our capacity to look up into the stellar heavens. Others have expressed concerns that the network might make Earth’s orbit too crowded, resulting in collisions and, eventually, our inability to leave the planet.

SpaceX To Launch Crewed Starship Flight (2020)

This is extremely ambitious. Even Musk, the company’s creator, alluded to it during a September 28 SpaceX event in which he revealed his vision for the gleaming new spacecraft. But still, he’s determined to send an intrepid crew into space within the next six months, even if it means going above and beyond what has previously been done.

NASA Mars Rover Lauches Toward Mars (2020)

With a launch period of July 17, 2020, through August 5, 2020, NASA aims to dispatch a rover to Jezero Crater on Mars. The mission will take place at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida and the spacecraft is expected to touch down on February 18, 2021.

In 2020, NASA plans to launch a new Mars rover as part of the agency’s $1.5 billion Mars program. The Curiosity Rover is equipped with an updated version of its wheels that has a stronger and “more capable” design for driving on rougher terrains, allowing it to drill samples of Martian rocks and soil for analysis.

ExoMars Reaches the Martian Surface (2021)

In 2021, the ESA and Roscosmos will attempt to discover whether or not life ever existed on Mars during the same launch window as Mars 2020. This strategy has already been put into motion—in 2016, the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) was sent to check for methane or other gases on Mars, while the ExoMars Lander was launched as a vanguard for the eventual rover but crashed onto the Red Planet’s surface in 2017.

Roscosmos Begins Offering Space Tours (2021)

The first tourist experience in space is going to be offered by a Russian company called Roscosmos. The pair has launched a new tourism destination in Space Missions, known as Space Station InterContinental. While the Russian government has discussed turning an abandoned International Space Station into a luxury hotel, the country’s space agency is also considering turning it into another space resort.

The James Webb Telescope Finally Begins Its Space Missions (2021)

The James Webb Space Telescope is presently scheduled to be launched in 2021, following a long line of delays and setbacks. The ESA will assist with the launch of Webb by providing an Ariane 5 rocket.

The Mission Control Software (MCS) software allows for simple monitoring and control during both development and flight. It significantly improves the productivity and scalability of the mission by utilizing automation and unattended operations.