December 7, 2022

Are you a new parent or soon to become the new parent? And you seeking answer for how to take care of a new born baby…! This article will help you a lot in understanding the needs of your new born baby and your partner.

Becoming parents is not at all easy. Especially for a mother who went through a lot during pregnancy, labor and delivery. And then the post-partum period starts with a new born. So it is important to know the important facts and points that can help you in taking care of a new born.

You should talk to your doctor for post-partum concerns. And other health specialists like pediatricians and lactation consultants can also help you in guiding about the new born baby care tips.

Here are some important tips and points you should keep in mind, when you become the first-time parent;

How to Take care of a New Born Baby?

Make A List:

First of all you should make a list of essentials that are required for your baby. It includes clothes, toiletries, hygiene accessories, furniture, skin care products, and a long list. You can goggle it and read different blogs for this purpose and make a list according to your need.

It helps you in getting prepared for the new born. And on the other hand, you don’t have to rush to stores every day for different essential things for your baby.

Maintain Hygiene:

While dealing with a new born baby, you should keep in mind the hygiene. Wash your hands before touching the baby. Don’t touch baby’s face and mouth without any reason. Try to avoid frequent kissing on the baby’s face. Give bath to baby regularly and keep the baby neat and clean.

You should also focus on the cleanliness of baby’s genitals and umbilical cord clamp.

Never Shake Your Baby:

Never shake your baby with joy or with anger as it is very dangerous for his fragile bones and brain. You should hold the baby firmly. Shaking can cause bleeding in baby’s brain and can be fatal. If you want to wake up your baby, slightly touch the face or ear. But do not shake the head of the baby.

Give support To Baby’s Head:

Give support to your baby’s head and neck. This is very important while handling the baby. While holding the baby keep one hand or your arm under baby’s head and neck region to give it support.

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Fastened Your Baby Properly:

If you are placing your baby in any gear like car seat, cradle, etc., fasten your baby properly to avoid any type of accident or fall. Avoid any activity that could be too rough or bouncy.

Give A Massage:

Massaging your baby gives a sense of protection to your baby that is very important for the physical and emotional growth of your baby. In the first few hours after birth, you should hug your baby and give a gentle massage so that a bonding of love can develop between you and your baby. And after that, daily massaging helps in promoting blood circulation, muscle and bone growth.


Swaddling is very important for your baby to give a sense of protection. Babies like the environment similar to mother’s womb to stay calm after coming into this world. Swaddling them properly helps in providing a sense of protection and comfort to your baby, so it is important to swaddle your baby properly.


Bathing your baby with good toiletries is very important. Try to use non scented and good brand products for your baby that have less harsh chemicals. Use warm water in winters and normal water in summers. Try to give bath daily to maintain the hygiene of your baby. 


Proper diapering is also very important. Use a good rash cream and wipes for your baby’s nappy area. Don’t use small size diapers rather get the diapers according to the weight of your baby. Try to change diaper as so as possible to avoid rashes and other skin infections.

Feeding and Burping:

Feeding and burping part is also very important. Don’t lie down the baby on its back immediately after feeding rather try to soothe the back of your baby with your hand so that burping target can be easily achieved. It helps in avoiding vomiting and colic in babies.

Skin care routine:

Use good skin care products for your baby. You should apply baby oil on the head and other body parts like legs and back to do massage. Using a good baby lotion is also good for your baby’s skin. Use talc free powder for your baby.

Apart from these tips, you can discuss other health related tips and problems of babies with the child specialist of your baby. You can consult the top child specialists of Karachi through Marham. Remember a healthy baby is a happy baby. So try to keep your baby happy and healthy for the physical and emotional growth of your baby.