December 7, 2022

Facebook is an excellent source of socializing and making new friends; it is a platform that offers you to send friend requests to people you may or may not know, and the receiver holds the power to either decline the request or accepts it. Furthermore, there are several exciting features that engage the users. Since Facebook is available across devices like iPhones, Android devices, Windows desktop or laptops, and Mac, it has over two billion. Facebook is the oldest and has acquisition of other major social media networks like Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook messenger. It is no doubt that Facebook is proactive when it comes to introducing new features for its users; these features are fun, interactive, and amusing. One of such features is the Facebook poll. This feature is particularly useful to know your audience’s preferences or choices, or it can be a fun way to settle an argument. You will learn how to create a Facebook poll in this blog.


It is a feature Facebook recently introduced. Facebook users choose to put a poll with one question and two alternatives to choose from, and the audience chooses the one option that they would prefer more than the other based on the question. It is an easy source of the survey, one could say. Undoubtedly, it is a beneficial feature for businesses or brands as they provide an insight into what their customers prefer, expect, and look for. 


Users can post a poll on Facebook using their smartphones and desktops. Though users cannot post a poll on their Facebook profile feed, they can post it in four different places. One can post a poll on their Facebook Story, groups, events, and messenger. You will find how to start a poll on Facebook in three out of all four ways using your iPhone in this blog.


The first way for how to take a poll on Facebook is Story. You can follow the instructions below step-by-step to post a poll on your Story successfully.

  • Open the Facebook mobile application on your iPhone and login if required
  • Tap on the Create Story option that you can find at the top of the screen with your Profile picture icon 
  • Swipe left to find a card with Poll written on it – tap that card to select Poll
  • The poll window should open on your screen now
  • The next step is to choose a picture or a video to set as the Poll’s background 
  • Tap on the screen to add a question for your Poll followed by two options 
  • The two options are typical, Yes and No, but you can customize them and change them if you don’t prefer them
  • Once complete, tap on Add To Story 
  • This Poll will be visible on your Story now

Posting a poll on the Facebook story is the easiest and the most convenient way of posting a poll. However, it is essential for you to know that Story has a much shorter lifeline than a post. Stories automatically disappear after twenty fours. So, if you want quicker results for your Poll, Story is the best place to share your Poll with as you will get the results in twenty-four hours. 


The second way for how to take a poll on Facebook is the Facebook messenger. This is a more private way of taking a poll as you do not share it with the entire audience but only with a few people. You can handpick the audience that you want to share the Poll with. 

  • Open the Facebook messenger application on your iPhone and login if required
  • Select a group to share the Poll with, and if you do not have a group; please make one with the people that you would like to share the Poll with
  • Locate the plus sign at the bottom of the group chat window and tap on it to reveal a few options
  • Select Poll from the options and begin start a poll Facebook
  • Enter the question for the Poll along with two choices of the answer to choose from
  • When you finish inserting the details, tap on Share to share the Poll on the messenger 

While sharing a poll on Facebook messenger, you must remember that you can only share it on a group as sharing it with one person on messenger would not make sense. Since Poll is a majority-based system, you need more than one person to take a poll. 


The third way for how to take a poll on Facebook is through Facebook groups. Sharing a poll on Groups is beneficial because it allows you to target a particular group with the same interests. This results in fair preference determination as one factor is constant.

  • Open Facebook mobile application on your iPhone
  • Tap on three parallel lines at the top-right corner to reveal a menu
  • Select Groups when the menu opens 
  • A list of all your Groups will appear on the screen; select the Group you would like to share the Poll with
  • When the Group opens, tap on the Create Post option 
  • Scroll down to find Poll and tap it 
  • Insert the question and then add options for your Poll in their designated columns
  • Once you complete inserting all options, tap on Post at the top-right corner of the screen to share the Poll on the Group


Facebook polls are excellent for interact with the audience, learn about their preferences, and determine the more preferred option. You can post a poll on Facebook using your smartphone and desktop. Users can post a poll on the Facebook story, messenger, groups, and events. You can find the instructions on how to start a Facebook poll on Story, Messenger, and Groups in this blog. You can post polls in each way using your smartphone and your desktop. If you need more information about Facebook or Facebook polls, you can visit our other blogs.