April 2, 2023
Round-based Water best for Health

Round-based Water best for consuming water?

The civilization of drinking water for thousands of years in India is not a glass, it is a glass that is a foreigner. The glass is not from India. The glass came from Europe. And came to Europe from Portugal.

Round-based Water is Good For Health

The glass is not yours. Have your lot. And Round-based Water is never unilinear. So Vagbhatta ji says to discard the utensils which are unilinear. They are not of use. Glass of water is not Good for Health. Round-based Water is good. In this post, we will discuss glass and Round-based Water and tell the difference between the two.

Water has no properties of its own. In which you put it, its qualities come. If you mix it in curd, it becomes buttermilk, then it will take the properties of curd. If mixed in milk, then the quality of milk. 

If water is kept in the pot, then the quality of the vessel will come. If the goal is returned now, then it will imbibe the quality of it. And if you understand even a little math, then the surface tension of every round thing remains low. Because the surface area is less than the surface tension will be less. 

If the surface tension is less, then the surface tension of everything will be less. And from the point of view of health, only the thing with less surface tension is beneficial for you. If you drink the thing with more surface tension then it is going to cause a lot of trouble. Because there comes extra pressure that hurts the body.

Round-based Water

The difference between a glass and a lot of water is the difference between the water in a glass and the water of the returned sky. Similarly, the water of the well is round, so it is best. You must have seen some time ago that all the saints drink the water of the well.

If they do not get it, they bear thirst, they will drink wherever they get it. They drink water from the well because the well is round, and its surface area is less. Surface tension is low.

Due to the reduced surface tension, one quality of water remains alive for a long time. The biggest quality of water is cleanliness. Now he tells you how that property works.

To understand in another way, you do an experiment. Take some milk and apply it on the face, wipe it with cotton after 5 minutes. So that cotton will turn black. The waste and dirt inside the skin will come out.

Took milk out of it. Now if you ask how the milk was brought out, then tell you that the surface tension of milk is less than all other items. So as soon as the milk is applied to the face, the milk reduces the surface tension of the face because when an object is brought in contact with another object, it acquires the properties of the other object.

In this experiment, milk reduced the surface tension of the skin and the skin opened up a bit. And when the skin was opened, the waste inside came out. The same action is done by the water of the Round-based Water in the stomach.

Water tension 

If you put water in the stomach, then the surface tension of the large intestine and small intestine decreased and it opened and when it opened, all the garbage came out of it. Due to which your bowels got completely cleared. Now on the contrary, if you drink a glass of high surface tension water, then the intestines will shrink because the tension will increase. join Yoga Teacher Training Course for More Details About Yoga And Yogic life

When the tension increases, the object contracts, and when the tension decreases, the thing opens. Now if the tension increases, then all the garbage will get deposited inside and that same garbage will cause hundreds of stomach diseases like Fissure, Hemorrhoids, Mulvyad.

Therefore, only water with low surface tension should be drunk. That is why it is considered best to drink the water on the return, it is very good if there is water from the round well.

The water of the round pond, if the puddle is open, then its water is very good. Well, water is better than river water. Because there is nothing around in the river, it is only long, and water keeps on flowing in it. 

The water of the river is of high surface tension and the water of the sea is worse than the river, its surface tension is the highest.

If we look in nature, then the water of rain comes round the earth. Meaning all the drops are round because their surface tension is very less. So instead of a glass, drink water in a pot. So bring only the lotus to the house.

 Health benefits of copper vessel water

Stop using glasses. Ever since you left the lota, the livelihood of the artisans who returned to India has ended. In the village, the strings were reduced, they used to make huts of brass and bronze.

Over a period of time, Ayurvedic knowledge has faded and people have fallen into false eating and drinking habits. Lately, many scientists have done their research on copper.  

Everyone died of hunger because of this glass. So listen to Vagbhata ji and bring it back. If you are looking to bring a change into your life by learning Ayurvedic knowledge and yoga for self-rejuvenation or transfer the benefits to others, by getting a professional certificate and expertise 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh