December 7, 2022

Renuvion is a non-invasive, FDA-approved cosmetic treatment that makes use of an exclusive helium gas as well as radiofrequency waves to firm wrinkles on the body and face. These are stand-alone treatments that provide benefits against aging, or with lipo-related procedures to aid in tightening the skin following weight loss surgery.

Renuvion treatments are kind of sensitive treatments and these needs to be done by a professional and experienced surgeon and if you are looking for a reliable renuvion clinic in London, then Rejuvence clinic is highly suggested.

Types of Renuvion

Renuvion has two broad categories:

J-Plasma Renuvion

J Plasma Renuvion commonly known as “J Plasma” or “Renuvion” is a relatively new cosmetic (non)surgical procedure, as its name implies, to rejuvenate the appearance of skin on specific body parts like the neck or the face.

J Plasma is based on cutting-edge field-specific technology which is revolutionizing the cosmetic surgery field. It accomplishes this by ionizing gas, commonly referred to as plasma, and using the energy of the source in order to give an appearance that is more youthful and smooth lines and marks.

The energy utilize safe levels of radiofrequency with a combination of helium gas to enhance the appearance, texture and the feel on your skin.

This innovative treatment, commonly called Skin Resurfacing is the best treatment for men as well as women seeking solutions to younger, healthier skin.

Additionally J Plasma may aid with wrinkles and acne, age spots, skin damage from sun and laxity.

J-Plazty Renuvion

J-Plazty from Renuvion is a groundbreaking minimally invasive procedure that utilizes subdermal plasma energy to immediately improve and tighten any area of the body and face.

An innovative alternative to traditional facelifts Tummy tucks, and body shaping The J-Plazty procedure is able to shrink and contour lax and loose skin without huge incisions, long wait times or the risks associated with surgical procedures for cosmetics.

Which Areas of Body Can Be Treated by Renuvion?

In contrast to other cosmetic treatments which are only able to be performed on the face or on certain areas that are part of your body, the tightening procedure with renuvion is applicable to almost any area of body. Here are the some common area of body for which renuvion works:

Renuvion Breast Lift

From weight loss or gravity, it’s natural for breasts to shift in form and lose firmness as time passes. The Renuvion treatment can help to strengthen your breasts through tightening the skin which is a great complement to the effects of a “boob task” and breast lift, to increase your confidence and help you feel more confident in your body.

Renuvion Face & Neck

As you age, it’s normal for the skin to loosen, and then droop. This phenomenon of loose skin is the reason for marionette lines beneath the mouth of a person. If you’ve got marionette linesthere’s numerous methods to reduce the lines that are unattractive. But loose skin around the neck and face overall is a negative influence on the appearance of a person and their confidence. When you firm up your lower neck and face it can reduce years off your appearance and appear as more vibrant and active.

Tummy & Belt Renuvion

Everyone has a stomach that workout routines and diet can’t seem to get rid of. Don’t worry! A treatment that combines Vaser Liposuction along with Renuvion can yield stunning results. For certain patients, Renuvion is an alternative for a Tuck, in which the skin is cut then removed and sewn to be reattached. Renuvion can tighten the skin and while some results may be immediate, they will only get better over several months.

Arm Renuvion

J-Plasma works nearly every part of your body that has loose, saggy skin. It is particularly effective when tightening the loose top arm’s skin. People with hanging, lax skin on the upper arms might discover that liposuction on its own is not enough.

Thighs & Ankles

Renuvion procedures are great to tighten loose skin along the back and sides of the upper thighs. If excess fat accumulates in the outer and inner thighs and the thighs, our cosmetic surgeon contours the legs with liposuction .

After that, tightens your skin using Renuvion. Another issue that women face even in great shape, is the formation of the appearance of a “banana roll” located on the upper thighs, just beneath the buttocks. Removal of the fat by liposuction by itself could cause the skin and the lower buttock line to loosen. Renuvion will tighten that area, without having to undergo a more extensive procedure.

The Bottom Line

Renuvion technology has been in use for a long time however, it’s cosmetic use has recently started.

Be aware that not all patients are an ideal candidate for Renuvion. Because some people may have too much loose skin and for that kind of skin renuvion does not work. You could reach out to Rejuvence Clinic for the consultation of your cosmetic treatment.