February 8, 2023
Air Duct Sanitizing

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We clean our home to keep it dust-free and pleasant. No one wants terrible odours wafting around their home. Nevertheless, these bad smells can be due to some condition that could be a warning. Anyhow, these smells can accumulate inside your air ducts that can be hard to clean. Air Duct Cleaning Lawrenceville could take additional steps to remove the smoke smell from air ducts and may even need air sanitizing too.

However, what kind of smells can you find inside a house?

Air Conditioner Smells & Possible Causes

Let’s quickly go through each type of smell briefly. In addition, there will be a few steps you can take to fix that odour. However, some scents may need sanitizing.

1. Smelling like a Car’s Exhaust

Your air conditioner uses some fluids that, when heated, can smell like exhaust fumes. It means there could be a leak in your refrigerant line. This leak can impact the performance of your HVAC system. Furthermore, these chemicals can be hazardous to the environment.

2. Smells Like Something is on Fire

As you know, there are many electric components in your air conditioner that could burn out. If you smell something like burning gunpowder or plastic, it means either one or more parts are burning. In this case, turn off your air conditioner immediately and call a professional HVAC technician for inspection. Don’t attempt to perform a DIY to solve this problem yourself. That could be dangerous and could hurt your whole system.

The same thing can happen if your air conditioner is not in use for a long time. In that case, ask a professional to perform an inspection. After that, Air Duct Sanitizing Lawrenceville may be required.

3. Smelling Rotten Eggs from your AC

A foul or rotten smell is usually the result of dead rodents or critters that could’ve stuck in the AC. It has a distinct smell, which you cannot mistake for anything else. It could be some birds or insects that could’ve nested or taken refuge in your ductwork and got trapped there. As time went on, they started to emit foul smells.

Now you know that’s the cause, and you’ve probably guessed what you need to do. You have to remove carcasses from the air conditioner and ducts and sanitize them to fix that smell.

4. Smelling Gas that Feel Like There’s a Skunk in the House

This smell is the most alarming one. It indicates leakage of gas in the system, which, being specific, is Methyl Mercaptan. Since natural gas has no smell on its own, utilities and gas distributors add this gas to provide a distinct odour. It ensures immediate detection of gas leaks that can prevent any serious harm that can occur.

What you need to do is to call a professional as soon as you smell this. While doing that, don’t forget to turn the gas off. After repairs, you will require duct cleaning in Lawrenceville.

5. Moldy or Musty AC Smell

It is the most common smell you can find in an air conditioner or duct. Its cause may be due to water leaks or water damage. Moist filters can also cause this smell. In specks of dust, however, this smell could be because of fungus or mildew growth.

6. Smells Like a Cigarette Smoke

If you or anyone in your home smokes at home, then this smell is familiar. Ashes of cigarettes are lighter than air and very smelly, which will get stuck in vents. It leads cigarette smoke to accumulate or get filtered through air filters that can get stinking over time. This unpleasant smell is a lead cause of allergic reactions and headaches.

The solution for this is to change air filters every 30 to 60 days and clean your air conditioner regularly. Also, try to smoke outside next time.

Precautions before Doing a DIY Air Duct Cleaning

First, it is recommended to call a professional for Air Duct Sanitizing Lawrenceville and cleaning. Because if you don’t know how to handle electrical, it will cause irreparable damage. Keep electrics away from water. They don’t mix well together and may result in electric shock.

If you do feel qualified enough to do a DIY, make sure to go through operating manuals because it has basic information about the system. Before you start, turn off the unit and use proper tools for maintenance. If you smell something terrible during the DIY cleaning or maintenance, it means damage that probably needs a professional inspection.

Steps to Remove the Smoke Smell from Air Ducts

1 – Identifying the Smoker’s Room

First, start with identifying the smoker’s room in the house, where odour is most concentrated. That’s where the cleaning begins. Find the air duct outlet in each room and remove its cover. Make sure the duct is within your hand’s reach. If it’s not, use a stool or something similar for easy access.

2 – Cleaning the Insides of the Air Duct

Smoke particles, like fumes and things like that, get stuck to the walls of air ducts. It is the reason why smoke odour lingers around for a long time—using a duster or a brush to clean the inside of ducts. Try reaching as deep as possible, which will make air duct cleaning in Lawrenceville effective. For the remaining stuff, you can clean it off with a vacuum cleaner.

3 – Replacing the Air Filter

Air filters affect air circulation in your house. Therefore, if there is heavy smoke inside the home, it’s better to change the air filter every month to keep your rooms fresh. Go to the air conditioning unit and check the air filter if it’s clean or clogged and dirty. If it needs changing, change it with a new one to ensure proper maintenance of it in the future.

4 – Spraying with Air Sanitizer

After cleaning the air ducts, you should spray air sanitizer in the rooms and air ducts to fix the lousy odour. It would help if you also used an odour eliminator to replace foul odour with fragrance. Concentrate the spraying in rooms where smoke odour is more than in other rooms.

5 – Replacing Covers and Running Air Conditioning

Smoke particles can also accumulate on the covers of air ducts. To clean them:

  1. Soak those covers in warm water and clean them with a brush.
  2. Let them dry before putting them back in place.
  3. With those covers in place, turn on the air conditioner and allow the fresh air to circulate, eliminating the foul odour.

Now, ask a third person to come in and determine if there is still any lingering smoke odour there. If so, use air duct sanitizing Lawrenceville solution more to fix the smell.

Remember, a final set of words call a professional if you smell a different odour than the one you are fixing. DIY is only effective if you know or have knowledge of what you are doing. Also, use proper tools and protection for your cleaning.

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