February 6, 2023
Practice Fusion Role In Healthcare Tech Practices

About Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is a popular medical software solutions company. The company provides its services through web-based apps which allow users to access them from anywhere in the world. The tech giant is based in San Francisco, in the state of California. It has been operating from the city since 2005 and has since then rapidly grown into the popular EHR choice it is today. The CEO Ryan Howard has been a frontrunner in the web-based EMR race and is known for innovating and introducing new features for the software. The company’s success and potential were noticed by AllScripts, an even bigger company. In 2018, AllScripts acquired Practice Fusion to operate under them.

Top Features in Practice Fusion

Dictate your Notes

Being a doctor is a high-pressure job and if you have gotten used to the way you do things, it will be very hard for you to adapt to new processes suddenly. If you were previously writing down your patient notes by hand or perhaps were dictating them, you might have a hard time adapting to a new method of note-taking. But with this software, and according to a lot of Practice Fusion EMR reviews by clinicians, the software helps you adapt easily.

This is because if you for instance were someone who preferred dictating notes and later having them transcribed and written down manually, then you can still do this! This is because, you are able to dictate your notes, and the software will automatically transcribe your dictation and store it on the software which honestly, saves you a lot of time and even money you might have otherwise spent on getting transcriptions done! 

Clinical Summaries Made Easy

As a doctor, you need to know the pertinent facts of your patient’s case so that you can treat them well. It helps to have clinical summaries which are easy to access and give you the facts you need during or before a patient’s appointments so you can easily make a diagnosis and treatment plan! According to several Practice Fusion EMR reviews, the software prepares clinical summaries for you which enable you to make better diagnosis and treatment plans for patients in a shorter amount of time. This is because the clinical summaries make it easier for you to know about pertinent facts of a case rather than having to scour through pages upon pages of patient data and Health medical history! 

Quick Access to All your Features

Another great thing about Practice Fusion EMR that you will come across time and again in Practice Fusion EMR reviews is the dashboard feature. This is because the dashboard in a way is the mainframe for software. If the dashboard is easy to navigate through and use, your entire experience with the software will be pleasant.

So in a way, if the dashboard feature is agreeable then you should give it more weight than other ones since it will determine whether your personal experience with the software will be good. Make sure when you ask for a Practice Fusion EMR demo, you particularly focus on this feature. If features are easy to switch through, you can navigate through the software easily and control the software with comfort then you should definitely consider it. And according to a lot of Practice Fusion EMR reviews, this software’s dashboard feature helps you do exactly that. 

Scheduling your Appointments Perfectly

Having a well-scheduled day is important in any workplace. As a doctor running a medical practice, making sure you utilize your daily schedule. As much as possible is very important since appointments are your main source of revenue. Having too many free appointment slots or cancelations can prove to be disastrous for you financially! But with Practice Fusion EMR, you are able to greatly reduce these issues. Because the software makes sure to optimize your daily efficiency and schedule as many appointments during a day as possible. The software also sends appointment reminders to patients which helps reduce the number of no-shows at your practice. All of this usually allows you to increase your revenue. And, hence be able to be much more successful than before!

Practice Fusion EMR Reviews

If you are wondering what users of Practice Fusion think of it then you should not be worried. The software is popularly reviewed and there are hundreds of Practice Fusion EMR reviews available online. This software has an average of 3.7 stars or above on most websites given to it by users. And if you go into details of the reviews, most if not all of them are largely positive! Thus you can be assured that this is a wonderful software choice for you and your practice! 

Should you Invest in Practice Fusion EHR? 

If you are now wondering whether you should invest in Practice Fusion EMR. Then we cannot give you an answer but you will have to come to a conclusion on your own. We recommend making a list of your desired features in an EMR. And, then compare the list to the features in Practice Fusion EMR software. This will help you make a sound decision about the software. 
We also suggest asking for a Practice Fusion EMR demo so you know what the software will entail. A demo or trial of the software will help you have a better idea of the software. And, thus be able to make a better-informed decision. Usually, vendors easily comply with requests like these so reach out to them for one. Hopefully whatever decision you make in regards to employing an EHR at your practice. Will Definitely have been the right one for you!