April 2, 2023
Self Realization

Meditation For Beginners- The sacred art of meditation came as a blessing for humanity. Millions of seers and spiritual seekers have utilized this art and discovered their divine self. The practice of meditation appears simple as sitting cross-legged and focusing on an object or image, it goes much deeper than that.

We are living in a chaotic world where everything is running at super speed and comes in a variety. With technology, this goes up multiple folds and we are distracted both internally and externally. Although technology has helped us connect with our loved ones, yet it also remains a major distraction in our life. Doing meditation for beginners can help you reconnect with what matters the most.

Let us first understand the concept of distraction a bit more.

The Concept Of Distraction – In Brief

Defined as, “a thing which prevents one from giving their full attention to something. An extreme agitation of your mind or emotions”.

Distraction refers to every small thing that affects your focus on a task. Whether it is the car horn on the street, alarm clock, school bells, or whistles, the problem lies in how you deal with your left brain.

Your left brain is adept at working on tasks that demand logic, reasoning, numbers, analytical thinking, and language. The most common method you might use to deal with distraction is by denying its existence which never works out for your left brain.

On the contrary, trying to ignore the distraction only adds more disturbance to your mental pattern as it keeps your brain busy in refocusing on the same thing again and again. You can fix this distraction by making meditation for beginners a part of your daily routine.

With that said, let us find out how meditation helps you beat distractions.

4 Powerful Ways Meditation Beats Distraction

Given below are 4 ways in which daily meditation can help you keep all distractions at bay.

Differing Between Attention & Awareness

Your attention is the ability of the brain to remain focused on the task at hand. On the other hand, awareness is about taking every decision after careful analysis. These two are the intelligence of your soul which you can develop with daily meditation practice.

Learn How To Concentrate

The meditation for beginners helps you in many ways. One of these is helping expand your ability to listen before arriving at a conclusion. In other words, the saying you have my undivided attention soon becomes the new norm for you when talking to someone.

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Removing Excess Energy

Often, too much stress and anxiety in daily life lead to storing of excess energy which is always harmful for your body and mind. Meditation practice helps you unplug and unwind from daily stress. Enroll in the meditation for beginners to experience the calm and peace this spiritual art gives you.

Expand Awareness

Meditation provides you the tools to develop a new and positive perspective regarding the world around you. This helps you develop a positive attitude and compassion towards others. In other words, you become more accepting of others with their flaws and shortcomings.

As a beginner, there are some meditation techniques that you can try. Given below are three such techniques.

  1. Prana Shuddhi

The Prana Shuddhi is a visualization technique when your mind needs a break from balancing thousands of things all at once. In a way, it is the Alternate Nostril breathing where you focus the mind in the direction of your breath and regulate it via the left or right nostril. So this is a first techique of Meditation.

  1. Wishing Love

Short for the Buddhist practice known as Tonglen. Tonglen is a powerful meditation for beginners technique that helps you develop fearlessness and strengthen your heart. You do this by filling your heart with love, gratitude, and deal with any prior misunderstandings. So this is a second one.

  1. Honoring Spaces

The divine resides in space. This space comes in the breath you take and also between objects. Including this meditation technique helps you experience the presence of the divine in your life.


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