April 2, 2023
printing custom photo mugs

This pandemic period has given birth to different trends and practices that can be used as an inspiration for a business. One such thing is the rise in customization practices of people while gifting others. As people could not meet their loved ones, they celebrated special occasions by sending over gifts, and a large part of them were personalized gifts.

With personalized mugs being the most commonly ordered commodity among all other personalizable options, it can be a perfect business plan if you are willing to venture into this sector. The world of customization shows practices like flexibility and freedom of creativity for the consumers. Customized gifts are also a great way of showing love and care for the person who is receiving the gift.

Here, we will learn about the different printing techniques and what you should understand before starting a business. Custom coffee mugs are very cheap and affordable; you can Google “custom mugs near me” to find custom mugs cheap.

Custom mugs printing methods:

There are different ways of printing custom photo mugs; some are cheaper while others are costlier. It is challenging for the customer to decide which printing process to choose as the general public has no idea. If you are willing to set up a custom mugs printing business, then you have to understand each process in detail and choose the one that suits you,

  • Direct screen printing is a low-budget method as screen printing equipment is required to get the prints. The setup consists of a mesh screen through which the ink is passed, and the drawing of the picture or the text is made on thecustom mugs.This is mostly a hand-drawn process so it requires an expert to have that level of perfection. It is also good for smaller images and for images that have multiple colors.
  • Transfer printing is one of the most primitive and intensive processes, but the result is very high quality. The print is made on a special type of paper that is then coated on the ceramic plate. Then the plate with the print is put in a water slide transfer system that has to be applied to the coffee mug.
  • Digital printing – This is the most commonly used process of printing a coffee mug as a printer does the printing on a special kind of sheet. The design from the sheet is then transferred to the mug by a water transfer process. Since a machine is used, the prints are vibrant, with minute details given to the accuracy of smaller designs like logos and text.
  • Dye-sublimation printing – This is a heat-based printing method where exact colored copies are observed on the ceramic mugs. The heat helps transfer ink from the chosen image to the mug. This process also requires special machinery for applying the heat to the print. Organic paints can also be used in this type of printing, which can target people who do not want any artificial chemicals on their utensils.
  • Pad printing – The image is taken from a silicone pad to a substrate where an indirect offset printing process is used. It is suitable for printing on smooth surfaces with a high level of accuracy. It is like most other manual printing techniques and requires a lot of precision to get the prints right every time.

How to start a mug printing business?

Selling customized coffee mugs is a very profitable business idea if done right. Setting up a business is not easy, and proper planning and analysis are required before investing any money. Following are some of the steps that will help you start a mug printing business,

  • Make a goal-oriented business plan – Proper planning is significant for setting up a successful business. The amount of money you have should determine the size of the business, and plans for setting up a digital presence for the business should also be done. Hiring a web dev team and a marketing team will help you analyze the competition in your domain and help in understanding the market.
  • Choose the right kind of mug – Mugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are used for different purposes. It can be a coffee mug, a ceramic mug, a sports mug, or even a travel mug. Conduct research about which type sells the most in the area that your business will operate and then make the right choice. Understanding the target customer is very important as you should have what your prominent customer needs.
  • Try to incorporate product designer tools in your website – Try to create your web presence by creating videos to advertise your brand and make it as interactive as possible. Customers want a platform where they can create artworks and can see them on their coffee mugs virtually. This level of interaction will improve your customer base rapidly and will improve your sales as well.
  • Choose the right printing method – Different printing methods are used for printing coffee mugs. The printing methods are discussed in detail in the previous section. Knowing what the customer wants is the most important way of making sure that your business grows. When your business starts making a profit you can have more than one type of printing available as all processes are good at one thing or the other. 


Selling customized gifts is a great business idea as people are getting to understand the importance of custom mugs nowadays. This is the perfect time to get into this business, follow the above-mentioned details and you will be able to get the best business outcomes. Take one step at a time as you get into the market of selling customized goods with custom coffee mugs.