December 7, 2022

For those who are a novice to the world of interiors, industrial-style design is mostly inspired by the look of warehouses and factories. It is characterized by the exposed elements, brick walls, wooden structures, concrete texture, and the use of metal to decorate the house. Creating a balance while using this interior styling is very important to ensure the house looks warm, lively, and yet preserves the theme. Read on to know how you can add warmth to your industry-style interiors.

1. Consider the scale of the space:

While designing industry-style interiors, always remember it should reflect the element of huge open space only then the interiors tend to stand out. Getting smaller spaces designed with these interiors, and adding too many furniture pieces can make the place look cluttered and cramped. The best idea would be to not create a partition for your living and dining area, let this interior flow into both the spaces to create an illusion of enormous space.

2. Use large furniture pieces:

As mentioned earlier, this sort of interior is built on the element of open concept, so placing the rightly sized furniture becomes a must, otherwise it can make the place look disproportionate. You can scout for the latest designs in furniture online with just a few clicks, and we are sure you will find something that will match your interior. The best part about online shopping is that you can easily compare the dining table price and get a steal deal. Smaller furniture pieces will make your place look a little lost, so large sofas, tall bookshelves, oversized cabinets can do the trick to make your place look even more majestic. 

3. Display oversized wall hanging:

Adding artwork, or a beautiful wall hanging can help in adding warmth to your space. It’s also a vital key to displaying your personality and taste. Small framed paintings will look out of place on the large lofty walls, so pick huge ones so that they match the décor. If you wish to create a focal point in the room, then place a single larger-than-life portrait on the wall that’s just behind your recliner so that it can captivate the attention of the people who enter the room right away.

4. Create boundaries:

Since the industrial interior is all about open spaces, it’s important to create boundaries, and the best way to do this is to place rugs to show clear demarcation between the living room and dining area. The key here is to use large rugs with a little rough texture that can complement the brick wall or the wooden floor that you may have. Avoid layering the rugs, because it will make the place look closed, which we would want to avoid.

Your home will feel warm and lively when you add some personal detailing to it, like placing heirloom pieces, displaying your favorite book collection, or even hanging the family portrait.