Is It Better To Get Ceramic Or Porcelain Tiles In A New Home?

We usually struggle to identify the most suitable tiles for our new homes. Especially when it has to choose from ceramic and porcelain. Also, many people consider them the same. Let’s sort out this problem by thoroughly looking at the features and qualities of each of them. 

Porcelain Tiles: 

Porcelain tiles are made with a dense clay solution, fired at high temperature in a kiln. These are a kind of tiles that are made with white clay, sand, and feldspar. These tiles are very hard and dense because they are fired at a very high temperature. Therefore, despite having the same size as a ceramic tile, porcelain tiles are super hard and solid. 


Many people have turned the option of porcelain tiles due to their expensive prices. But, given their quality and standard, the price of these tiles is worth it. Also, you can look for amazing deals in online and offline stores to find the cheapest porcelain tiles. Getting porcelain tiles at a low price is like a dream that you can make true.  


Since porcelain tiles are very dense, they are impermeable to most substance. Therefore, no moisture, dust or even bacteria and pathogens find their way into the tiles. Due to this particular reason, these tiles are most ideal for kitchens and bathrooms where there is always a chance of dirt accumulation and water spills. 

Heat resistance: 

The porcelain tiles are baked at a very temperature. It makes them highly strong and sturdy against almost everything. Hence, porcelain Tile Type Is Right are heat resistant tiles and make a perfect choice for the outdoors. 

Water resistance: The non-porous attribute of porcelain tiles makes them water-resistant. They resist moisture; therefore they last long. 

Design and colours: 

You can find a wide range of designs and textures of porcelain tiles in the market. 

Cleaning and maintenance:

Cleaning porcelain tiles is very easy as they are nonporous. You have to just wipe off the dust and grime from the surface. Though they rarely break, it is difficult to repair them when they do. 

Best used for:

They are the best option for all kinds of floors; whether be it indoor or outdoor. They can also be used on walls in commercial properties. 


The benefits of porcelain tiles are that they are hard wearing and are water and heat resistant. It has all the qualities that you can wish for in tiles. But they are slightly expensive than ceramic tiles. 

Ceramic tiles:

Ceramic tiles are a kind of tiles made with a mixture of clay and other natural materials as water, sand and quartz. Contrary to the porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles are fired in a kiln at a low temperature. Therefore, they are less denser than porcelain tiles.  


Ceramic tiles are easy to fit, clean, and hard ceramic tiles at a very affordable price. These tiles are cheaper than porcelain tiles, which is why people are more attracted to these tiles. 


Ceramic tiles can withstand moisture, dirt, and pathogens, but not to an incredible level. These tiles are slightly porous compared to porcelain tiles. 

Heat resistance: 

Ceramic tiles are good heat resistant tiles. These tiles show good strength and can also withstand high temperatures. 

Design and colours: 

Just like porcelain tiles, you can find lots of variety in colour, designs, and texture of ceramic tiles. 

Water resistance:

Ceramic tiles are water-resistant but not as much as porcelain tiles. 

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Ceramic tiles are easy to clean but requires frequent deep cleaning. Also, these tiles are super easy oy repair.  

Best used for:

Ceramic tiles are most suitable for indoor walls. They are also best for floors, especially the low traffic areas. 


These tiles are inexpensive, easy to use, and are available in more stylish and trendy designs than porcelain tiles. 

Take away:

Considering the above-mentioned qualities of each kind of tiles, I believe that you should pick porcelain tiles for outdoor and indoor in high traffic areas. And choose ceramic tiles for indoor walls and floor in low traffic areas. From the start, it’s difficult to differentiate between porcelain tiles and clay tiles. That is on the grounds that both of the items are basically the same and they feel the same also. They are both created from a comparative interaction, yet there are some exceptionally key contrasts that are critical to acknowledge about these tile flooring choices. In the event that you need to pick the best tile flooring choices for your home, ensure that you comprehend the most recent tile patterns and how porcelain and earthenware are unique in relation to each other.

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