June 1, 2023
Zorbing officially

Zorbing officially categorized as a sport came into the picture in the mid-90s. It can also be said as an adventurous ride consisting of a large transparent sphere, generally made of plastic which is called Zorb Ball. Furthermore, Zorbing is a sport of rolling down from a high altitude to a low altitude in an orb. One can feel more adventurous and excited by trying such sports. Zorbing is one such activity that can be performed for fun as well as an adventure. 

Zorbing – Sports:

Due to the Buoyancy nature of Zorb Ball, zorbing is also practiced in water where you can walk over the surface of the water. This might force you to think about how wonderful this sport is and what makes this sport so exciting and what are the benefits of Zorbing. Let’s see some facts you should know about Zorbing.

Where does it start?

Zorbing was first started in Newzealand by Andrew Akers and Dwane ven der Sluis. They invented Zorbing as an adventurous sport and shaped it as a business idea. Zorbing made its ground to multiple places by franchise model and now zorbing is a renowned sport for people in multiple nations.

With time, the evolution of the zorb ball took place and the orb is now categorized into Harnessed and non-harnessed. The difference between both these 2 categories is nothing but sitting capacity. Harnessed Orb can carry 1 or 2 people whereas Non-Harnessed Orb can carry 3 people. The user/rider in the orb is seated with a seat belt which keeps the user in the original position and helps in preventing the user from tumbling within the orb. Over some time, the craze of zorbing has gone exponentially.

Health Benefits:

Zorbing can be so exciting and a stress-busting game. The Users, even though, need to be physically fit as far as zorbing is concerned. A person with hypotension is not advised to zorbing by physicians. The other pros of zorbing are discussed below.

  • Improvise pressure handling situation.
  • Improves Hand- Eye coordination
  • Improves reflexes
  • Enhancing Stamina
  • Keeps your sanity healthy.


Zorbing can be done on all 3 surfaces i.e, Soil ground, Water, and Snow. All three forms are like normal zorbing where people can jump, run and roll without coming in contact with the ground/water surface. Ground zorbing is also called Air zorbing where the thrill of rolling down the mountain at very high speed is beyond explanation


Zorbing seems to be real fun for outdoor sports and picnic lovers. The people who love adventurous sports should try zorbing, not just once but regularly. Zorbing had many health advantages and most of them are psychological and physical hence, with proper safety, a youngster must Zorb every once in a while. If you want to buy a Zorb to play then you must have to visit Kameymall and order your ball. You have the order delivered place to you within a short period.