February 6, 2023
certified arborist

Trees can make your landscape lovely and attractive, but sometimes they come at a risk. So, if you want your trees to remain safe, it is advisable to inspect the trees personally on a regular basis. Moreover, if you own a large compound of trees of different varieties, then hiring a top certified arborist will be the right option.

The reason is they know very well which types of trees can suffer from which disease. Apart from that, if you want to go for tree removal or to prune, taking advice from the arborist is the best option. This step will prevent you from removing a healthy tree that may offer fruits to you in the long run. That means arborists play an important role in the growth of trees.

So, now the question arises who an arborist is according to top certified arborist Escondido?

An arborist is a trained professional who deals with the art and science of planting, caring, diagnosing, maintaining tree life. They have spent hours mastering this craft of how trees can be properly managed. Mainly, there are two professional arborists: certified arborists and consulting arborists. 

As a homeowner, if you want to know tree care needs, you will contact a certified arborist. On the other hand, a consulting arborist is a professional who works with lawyers, insurance and utility companies, and municipalities to help them address various challenges related to trees. 

Services offered by top certified arborist Escondido

A certified arborist offers several tree care services. They are: –

  • Pruning

As certified arborists, they very well know which type of pruning is mandatory for the tree so that it remains healthy and grows with time.

  • Tree health and hazard assessment

Most of the certified arborists also inspect the overall health of the tree and also tree structure.

  • Tree removal

Almost every individual thinks that tree removal is not a big deal, which means any service or company can do this. But in reality, tree removal is a complex task that needs the proper evaluation so that it will not harm anyone.

  • Planting new trees

A professional arborist also recommends the best species according to the soil and climate. Apart from that, they also guide about proper tree planting.

  • Tree protection

Some professional arborists are also trained in protecting trees during construction work. That means they design a plan by which trees can be saved when the construction occurs.

What does an arborist do?

Certified arborists are also called tree doctors or tree surgeons. They are called to assess the real condition of the trees, offer a solution for potential diseases, and advise people on how to take care of trees properly. Apart from that, they are also asked to offer professional services to the trees like pruning, trimming, drought mitigation, insect and disease control, etc. 

In addition to that, they also advise people which tree species is best for the climate in which you live. So, if you own a tree in your yard and want it to grow healthy, then calling a top certified arborist Escondido is the right choice as they will tell you the proper methods to take care of the tree.

How do arborists evaluate a tree?

There are various methods by which top certified arborist Escondido evaluates a tree. Let’s discuss those methods: –

  1. Light observation

This is the first step of an arborist, just an overview of the tree and its health. That means they will observe a tree from all angles, like, viewing the tree, location in relation to soil, and structure. 

  1. Tree risk assessment

This is the second step, a detailed assessment of one tree or group of trees. This step will view the tree in relation to soil conditions, soil moisture, growth patterns, and various other things. However, with the help of a checklist, a certified arborist will note down the defects in the different parts of the tree.

Moreover, to check the internal wood structure of the tree, they take the help of a rubber mallet, also called a seismograph, which measures the density of the wood. This is one of the best tools which detects internal cracks, decay, cavities, etc., which is done by the drill bit and electronic sensors. After that, arborists come to any decision entirely based on scientific evidence.

  1. Lab testing

This step includes extracting some samples of the tree for lab analysis. That means the arborist will test every part of the tree and find out what is the actual problem with the tree. Apart from that, they also perform a soil analysis around the tree’s base.

  1. Documentation

This is the last step whose cost varies from one project to another. That means if there is one tree, then the cost is different, and if there is a group of trees, it will vary. This report is in regard to the risk and actual status of tree health. 

The bottom line

If you want your tree to be healthy, then hiring a certified arborist will be the right choice as they have experience, skills, and qualifications which can make your tree healthy.

I hope through this post you will come to know how professional arborists evaluate a tree!