December 7, 2022

Military honor coins are much more than just a token. They hold a lot more meaning to the receivers. They can be personal and meaningful gifts that have strong emotional connections to the soldiers. In simple words, they can be the perfect gift to appreciate the brave soldiers for their service in the Military, who did not think twice while defending the nation against the attackers. 

So, after the situation calms down, the soldiers are awarded for their bravery with the military coins. Whether they are navy honor coins or army honor coins, these honor coins bring a feeling of pride to our dedicated public servants and first responders across the nation. However, these military honor coins are not just awarded to soldiers. Military honor coins are awarded even to recruits. 

When to Hand Our Military Honor Coins

Military honor coins are rewards that the soldiers receive for their dedicated service in the field, on base, or in training. Moreover, there are numerous situations where soldiers can be rewarded with different honor coins. We have listed some situations in the following:

  • Graduation from Basic Training

When the recruits join the Marines, they have to undergo a 12-week training. This training is considered the toughest of all army training courses in the United States Armed Forces. That’s why not all of the recruits will be able to make it through the boot camp. The boot camp is designed to break the recruits down physically, mentally, and morally. During the training session, the soldiers learn about friendship and sacrifice. By the time the program ends, the recruits share a strong bond of friendship and loyalty with the fellow recruits. After all, they spend so much time together and form a lifetime bond with one another. At graduation, the recruits are referred to as Marines for the first time. Many soldiers even get emotional and accept the honor coins with tears in their eyes and smiles on their faces. After all, the efforts they have put in during the 12-month training session are finally paying off. In other words, they get their dreams fulfilled with months of training and hard work. 

Likewise, completing the basic training of any branch of the military service includes rewards, outstanding respect, and a feeling of pride. They finally feel pride for the chance of admittance into a select group of brave defenders of the nation. During the graduation ceremony, the recruits are awarded customized military coins. The army receives army honor coins. Similarly, the navy soldiers receive the navy honor coins. These honor coins represent the recruits’ dedication and success and commemorate the important graduation ceremony.

  • After Successful Missions

When a group of well-trained and brave soldiers performs, they not only make their nation proud but also their military branch. After winning the fight, squads and battalions represent the prowess and superiority of the country’s military. Because of the soldiers’ bravery and courage, the country remained safe and sound. In other words, the citizens did not have to face any trouble because of an attack or war because of the brave soldiers. That’s why the soldiers deserve respect and honor for their bravery and determination to win. So, they are awarded military honor coins to commemorate their contribution during the tough times.

  • After Commemorative Ceremonies

There are a few more situations where the military honor coins are rewarded to the soldiers. It can be for promotions, retirements, military balls, or any other kind of special occasion. Military honor coins offer an amazing way to recognize the achievements of members within the United States Armed Forces. These coins represent courage, bravery, commitment, and achievement through their dedicated service to the nation. 

Therefore, different military coins are gifted to the soldiers depending on the situation. That’s why military honor coins must be customized according to the situation. This will make it very clear why the soldier received the award. After all, these important details will be engraved in the customized military honor coins. 


The soldiers are awarded the honor coins by their respective military branches on behalf of millions of thankful hearts. So, whether they receive navy honor coins or air force honor coins,  these coins can play a big role in the soldiers’ lives. It has more impact if they are awarded unique, customized coins. Don’t you think so?