April 1, 2023
old smartphone

It is nothing new that we keep on buying new smartphones as the trend keeps on upgrading. Every time we buy a new smartphone our old smartphone is left behind and can just sit up there in the house or office as full-time junk or a complete waste which is not profitable for you also in any way. Have you ever thought about what else can you do with your old smartphone while you buy the new one?    


Here are some simple things which you would like to do with your old smartphone:-

  • Sell it

The very simple thing you can do is sell your old smartphone in return for some cash. Which is what most people do. While you sell your old smartphone you will make up some money. And get invested somewhere else or buying in another smartphone that you are aiming for.  The better the condition of your old smartphone the better price you will be getting in exchange for it. Having all original accessories and invoices in place can also be an additional benefit for you.

  • Exchange or trade it

The old smartphone which you were using can simply be exchanged or traded with another smartphone that you’re aiming for. So instead of wasting it keeping in a corner of your house. You can always try to exchange it for another smartphone and make some use of it.  

  • Convert it into another device

Did you know that your smartphone can be converted into other small mini devices? You can convert your old smartphone into a music-listening device, mini laptop, digital frame or navigation device, and so on. All of these are some of the activities that your phone functions very well. And if you convert your old phone into a single device. Which member from any of these activities is going to be a real benefit for you?

  • Recycle it    

Recycle used mobile phones is the best way. You could simply give up your old mobile phone for the sake of recycling it. As even if your Smartphone is broken or scratched or not at all of any use. Then also there is something that it can do. There might be some parts in your old smartphone that could be used to repair or enhance any other devices. Which are totally perfect in order to reduce e-waste and make the best use of your old smartphone.

Things you should do before giving up your old mobile phone

Once you get your new mobile phone you are all set to use it and forget about the rest. The very important step you must follow when you get a new mobile phone is to back up the data from your old smartphone and stored it somewhere safe. You can simply transfer the data from your old smartphone to your new one depending on if it is an android or iOS device. Once you back up the data from your old smartphone and transfer it to your new one you must definitely delete and format all the data from your old smartphone and put the phone on a factory reset which will make sure that any data that is left behind will be erased too.

But it is very important for you to back up your data first because once you factor in your old smartphone you cannot recover the data you have lost.


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