April 1, 2023
Golden Balloons

The golden balloons, unlike their name, are not really golden in color and possess a mirror-like reflective surface. In places such as the dry dusty desert planes of Paradise Palms, they stick out like a badly colored thumb. That being said, however, over the snow-capped desert landscapes in other areas of the Fortnite game they may be harder to spot. Here are a few tips on spotting them.

You will need a night vision device or camera to view the golden balloons in season 7. These appear as small white dots moving across the map. Their location is indicated with an icon. The easiest way to determine where a particular balloon is located is to look at it’s icon and find it on the map. The same strategy works for identifying locations of other objects in the game as well.

As previously stated, golden balloons are very easy to spot because of their consistent coloration. A popular technique used to locate these is using the Fortnite dashboard map viewer. This program has a grid reference layer that helps identify certain locations on the map. If you hover your mouse over a certain point on the grid, a smaller dot will be drawn next to it indicating its position on the grid.

Another easy way to determine golden balloon locations is to look at the star chart. The exact positions of these tiny pop-up fixtures appear as small, faint, equilateral triangles on the board. Depending on your viewing angle, you should be able to see at a glance which sectors of the board are occupied by golden circles and hexagons. This method works great if you want to isolate one or two sectors of the map where you can later try and identify the location of a particular balloon.

Another method of identifying golden balloon positions is by utilizing the grid reference layer that is provided by the game Fortnite. Unlike the dashboard map viewer, this tool is much more precise because it provides actual 3D maps with grid reference values. These values are much easier to spot on the ground because they appear as points, instead of dots. If you are lucky enough to find a balloon amongst a sea of blue, then you have definitely found yourself a gold balloon.

In addition to the mentioned methods of identifying golden balloons, it is also important to take note of any circular patterns that may be present. Usually, these appear around fortnites since the game is based around defense strategies rather than offensive ones. However, footnotes do not always have the same shape. A circular pattern will indicate that the area is occupied by a large number of balloons and it is therefore best to try and identify these patterns in order to remove them from your golden balloon locations list.

It is also possible to identify your golden balloon spots by looking at the Fortnite camera map. The camera map can be viewed under the map section of the menu so that you are able to identify your current position in real-time. However, it is best to view the map right from the main menu so that you are able to focus on a specific portion of the map. Keep in mind that this is something that should only be done if you have the time to do so because it takes some time to complete. A golden opportunity may appear suddenly but if you are not quick enough to act, then it is pretty much wasted.

A golden opportunity will appear during the week 2 loading screen. The golden balloon spot that you are currently located in will turn into a red loading screen once the game has loaded. To make matters even better, this loading screen is one that is very rare and is only seen in one in a seven chance combination. If you manage to identify this loading screen, you are definitely going to be a winner.