April 1, 2023


“Kakashi kills Rin” is a very famous Naruto fanfiction written by the legendary Shiodaashi Hyabu. Well, technically it’s by whom Rin got killed but I’ll get to that later. In short, in this story, Kakashi kills Rin by accident. If you are looking for answers to the question, “How to draw Kakashi kills in,” you have come to the right place. Learn to draw Kakashi kills in the example step by step in naruto.

The first thing to notice is that, for some strange reason, in this story, when a certain character kills Rin, he goes back in time and doesn’t die at all. Strange, isn’t it? But, unfortunately, this is very normal in shojo manga. I say unfortunately because, if you take this route, you’d probably get bored with this story pretty soon. “Kakashi Kill Rin” goes somewhere else, thankfully. Where it goes is really up to you.


Some interesting points about this: There were two mysterious figureheads in this chapter, the first one was the “Kakashi” and the other one was the “Shi”. Interestingly enough, I have found out who they are. They were mentioned before in naruto 604 finally reveals who the “Kakashi” is. You may remember the masked figure running around with a red cloth behind him (I’m referring to the forest) near the end of that arc. Well, in the very next chapter, we’ll find out who he was. He was mentioned by Naruto, so that was a start (although I don’t think he was in that episode).

The answer is… Shikamaru. Yes, that Shikamaru. In the last chapter, he murdered Byakuya and thus, was erased from the timeline, but not before leaving his mark behind which was apparently the catalyst for Rin’s transformation. So, this guy definitely knows what it takes to kill someone by turning them into a shadow so he could do what he did to Rin.

Member of Team Kurenai

So, I thought I’d give others a hint. If you want to know how to draw Kill Rin from Naruto, start reading this sooner than the series ends. Or better yet, start reading the series and continue reading Naruto 604 finally reveals who the person actually was. Oh, and Obito was supposed to be a Shikome, but he didn’t seem to have any blackened features. The fact that he doesn’t have those now may mean he wasn’t a Shikome.

Then, in the very next chapter. We get to find out how Rin came to be a member of Team Kurenai. When Naruto tries to free Rin from the warehouse, she realizes that she’s been tricked. But before she can tell Naruto what’s going on. She’s asked to meet Sanji. Sanji, being as curious about Rin as she is, agrees to help her go rescue her friend from the warehouse. But he’ll only do it if he knows that Rin is actually a member of Team Kurenai.

Kakashi about Rin’s life

So, while this was happening. A blond guy named Hyuga Hiashi passes by and witnesses a fight between Rin and the Sandaime member, Usopp. In order to escape, he jumps into the battle and manages to save Rin. But before he can get back. The real-time narrated drawing from the future says that Rin had been killed by a masked figure in an alleyway. In the Japanese version of the events that took place. The blond man actually jumped into the battle and got himself killed by the sandaime member. In the English version, the blond dude just jumped into the fight (presumably to save Rin) and got himself killed by one of the masked men.

Finally, there’s one interesting comment by Kakashi about Rin’s life after her death. He says that if Rin’s life after her death was like the present, she would still have many enemies. And he correctly points out that the events of the manga (and its anime version) took place in the past and that therefore the future is non-existent. Well, technically it wasn’t in the past. But it is in the future and therefore Naruto’s life after the events of the manga becomes canon in the anime.

How Naruto Shippudden Draws You in

Kakashi kills Rin. But Rin does not die instantly. In fact, she is dragged into the dark and mysterious world of the netherworlds. Not long after, she finds herself facing an impossible choice. With the death of her husband. With the sudden and mysterious reappearance of a mysterious stranger and an unexplainable chain of events that have threatened the lives of her loved ones. It is now or never for Rin.

As the show progresses, it becomes clearer who is behind the scenes. A mysterious masked figure sends her on a mission to kill her former friend and fellow shinobi, Kakashi. But first, Rin must locate and defeat the evil dragon, Obake. Who seeks to consume the World Power of the Anbu. He is assisted by his lackey, Bikini. This dangerous trio of shinobi faces the ultimate challenge as they seek to save Rin’s life and exact revenge on her family’s enemies.

Behind death

Behind death is a mystery and with the help of Chidori. It is revealed that the real culprit is none other than Obake himself. However, before he can execute his nefarious plan, Rin is herself taken captive by Obake. Now, she must struggle to find out who was really behind the whole situation. Is this all a ploy to take over the Anbu and take control of the country? Or, is this a premeditated plan for her to be killed in order to lure the real enemy, Kakashi, closer to her? Find out who is really behind death here!

This series tells the story of the first encounter between the masked figure known as “Kakashi” and Rin Tsubaki, also known as Rin Suzume. After Rin is apparently brutally murdered by a hooded assailant. The police find out that it was actually a trap set by a special task force of shinobi called the Death Note. There are many reasons why the killer took out Rin Tsubaki. The first one is that she was a witness to a murder committed by the serial killer known as “Death Note”. This man used four special notes with which he could kill anyone he desired. The series thus revolves around the question of how this man could have taken out Rin Tsubaki without catching him red-handed.

Kiyomi Aikawa

In order for us to understand how Kakashi could not protect Jin. We have to look at the background of the main characters. The first among them is the author, Shusuke Diego. At the beginning of the series, he has been hired by a publishing company to be its chief editor. He is also the founder of a new school called the Special Detective Force, which fights crime. Shusuke has been given a special assignment to help the agency complete a task related to the death of a missing girl. Since he is quite fascinated with death. He decides to use his powerful eyes to kill the person responsible for her death.

The second person involved in this episode is a young freelance photographer named Kiyomi Aikawa. Who was working for a photography company. The company needed photos of an upcoming event, which required the services of a number of photographers. One of those photographers, named Rihoko Asakura, is actually a transfer student from Japan. The two of them become friends and they agree to complete the necessary tasks related to the contract.


In the second episode, as explained above, Rin develops a liking for the power of the “Shikai”. This is a technique that allows her to transfer her mind into someone else’s body. However, she begins to lose control of her body. As she is possessed by it and goes on killing her friends one by one. At the end, when a furious Shusuke kills her, he finds out that she had not used the “Shikai” at all and it had been Momo who had killed the others. As seen in the final scene of the anime, Shusuke pins Momo to the ground as she is about to kill him. Only for Rin to snatch her body and force him to see what the true purpose behind death is.

In conclusion. This is a great review on how the anime was able to draw me in and start to like Naruto. While it had some good storyline. The real highlight of the show for me was the way it pulled me in and kept me interested throughout the episode. The battles between Naruto and his enemies were what really kept me interested and once he finally started beating them; I just couldn’t get enough of it. If you have never watched Naruto before and want to watch a great anime where a bunch of kids takes on the evil Hokages, then watch Naruto Shippudden!