April 1, 2023
EPIC Charting System

What is a Charting System? 

In simple words, Patient Charting or a charting system is a comprehensive record of a patient’s health information and medical history. Epic Charting system records demographics, vital signs, diagnoses, medications, allergies, and other details about the patient.

Health charts that are accurate help ensure that a patient’s medical history, diagnosis, treatment, and overall care are recorded in a comprehensive manner. Good charting software helps you to store patient medical records, test reports, and prescription information in a simple and effective manner. Epic Charting system is a great example of a good charting system. 

It’s important to have the right resources as a medical practice owner in order to maximize the chances of success. Employing EHR software inside your practice, as well as ensuring that the software has all of the functionality you’ll need to succeed, is one way to ensure that you’re running a successful practice. In this case, we recommend that you choose software with a good charting system.

What are some of the features a Charting System must have? 

The completeness of charting and ease of use are critical factors to consider when evaluating the consistency of an EHR system. The following are six main characteristics to look for in an EHR charting system

  1. Vital sign data to be automatically transferred.

A clinician’s analysis of vital sign data is critical for monitoring general health and wellbeing. Previous vital signs, such as Blood pressure, heart rate history, should be carried over to the EHR system. This should be readily available to the clinician so that he or she can compare previous vital data and look for patterns.

  1. Seamless Integration

Integration has become such an important and necessary function in today’s EHR software. Any procedure necessitates the ability to integrate with any module or machinery. 

The charting module of your EHR should be compatible with other systems that the practice uses often. Other features such as e-prescribing and medical billing may be included. Any orders or results should be able to be sent directly from the charting site by clinicians. Furthermore, once they complete encounter reports, they should be able to pick suitable billing codes and submit them to billing without having to take any additional steps.

  1. Cloud-Based

Sadly, not all clinician paperwork is completed by the time of the hospital visit. This is usually due to strict visit time limits and the lengthening of documentation standards. As a result, having remote access to a clinician’s charting device is critical. Furthermore, they may be required to insert details into a patient chart that was obtained after the patient had left the office, making remote access to patient charts an important patient charting function.

  1. A good UX

The EHR framework should provide an easy-to-use charting portal for clinicians. It should be the first in a sequence of documentation details that accompanies a patient visit experience in order. This allows the clinician to chart in real-time, reducing the risk of charting errors and the amount of time spent recording during the patient visit.

EPIC Charting System

EPIC EHR software is one of the most popular EHR Software in the US and is rated among the top 5 EHR Software overall. Many customers love the EPIC Patient Charting system because of the outstanding features that it has. According to a survey, Epic’s system houses more than half of all patient files in the United States. EPIC EMR, of course, has a fantastic charting function that is simple to use and easily adapts to your tastes

You will save a lot of time with this feature because the software already knows what you want and changes it for you. Other than having a brilliant charting system, it has a lot of other excellent features including Patient Portal, Patient Scheduling, and Billing. If you are interested in knowing more about the Epic Charting system, we would recommend you schedule an Epic EMR demo on Software Finder.

Should You Invest in Epic Charting System? 

So the final question that arises is whether you should invest in Epic Charting System or not? Only you know the answer to this since to answer this, one needs to know the needs of their practice. Taking an Epic EMR demo would be a good way to find out whether you should invest in this software or not!