April 2, 2023
Facts About Justin Qualley

Justin Qualley was born on August 14, 1986, in Arden, North Carolina. He has a mother named Mary McDowell, and a paternal grandmother. His maternal family was from England, and his grandfather was a lumber executive. His mother is a former dancer. The family owns a historic antebellum summer home in Arden, North Carolina, which is now known as the Blake House Inn.

Sarah Margaret Qualley

Sarah Margaret Qualley is an American actress. She was born in 1994 in Montana. Her parents are Paul Qualley and Andie MacDowell. She has an older sister, Rainey, and a younger brother, Justin. Her grandparents are Pauline Johnston, a teacher, and Marion St. Pierre MacDowell, a businesswoman.

After working as a model for several years, Qualley decided to switch to acting. She starred in “The Leftovers” as a troubled teen. She has since appeared in various movies and TV shows.

Sarah Margaret Qualley is a ballerina

Sarah Margaret Qualley is an American actress, dancer, and singer. She was born on October 23, 1994, in Kalispell, Montana. She has been involved in the arts since a young age and has worked with many theater and music companies. She was a student at the North Carolina School of the Arts, where she trained at the American Ballet Theatre. When she was sixteen, she decided to stop dancing and pursue acting.

In her younger years, Sarah Margaret Qualley trained as a ballerina. Her first role as an actress was in Palo Alto, California. She then began acting in television series and films. After performing in several small roles in Hollywood, Qualley rose to fame in the drama series The Leftovers. Her role as a notorious adolescent in the show earned her critical acclaim. She also starred in the Netflix supernatural thriller Death Note and the dark comedy The Nice Guys.

Sarah Margaret Qualley is a model

Sarah Margaret Qualley is a model and actress, and her sister is also an actress. She started her career in a drama film in Palo Alto. Since then, she has appeared in dozens of films. She is currently in a relationship with actor Jack Antonoff.

She was born in Montana. Her parents divorced when she was just five, so she split her time between her mom and her dad. She later went to school at the North Carolina School of the Arts, where she learned ballet. She also attended the summer program at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. She went on to earn a degree from New York University in 2014. She debuted at Alberta Ferretti when she was sixteen, and then walked the runway for the Chanel Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

Justin Qualley’s height

If you are interested in finding out the height of Justin Qualley, then you’ve come to the right place. Justin Qualley was born in Asheville, NC, and is currently 6’2” tall. He is the son of Paul Qualley and Andie MacDowell. Despite being an actor, he has stayed away from the media and has not made himself visible on social media platforms.

He is an American actor and real estate agent. His parents are Paul Qualley and Andie MacDowell, who are both prominent entertainers and models. His mother is also an actress and has acted in several movies, including the popular ‘Shortcuts’. His father, on the other hand, is a famous contractor.

His weight

Justin Qualley has not been part of any controversy that is linked to his weight or size. In fact, this actor has avoided social media altogether. Instead of pursuing fame on his own, he prefers spending his time with his family. The actor has two sisters and is known to be a tall and attractive guy. As far as his physical characteristics are concerned, he has hazel eyes and brown hair. There are no other details about his height, weight, or social media presence.

Justin Qualley is the brother of Margaret Qualley, a popular actress. Her acting career began when she was only 16, when she portrayed Ann Reinking in the FX biographical miniseries Fosse/Verdon. Besides the role in Fosse/Verdon, she has also appeared in several films and television shows. Her performance in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood earned her a Primetime Emmy nomination for her role as Ann Reinking.

His parents’ relationship

The relationship between Justin Qualley’s parents is quite cordial, as the actor does his father’s footsteps and supports his mother’s career. In fact, Justin was even present at his mother’s Women Making History Award celebration. Justin Qualley’s parents met in a GAP advertisement set and got married in 1986. They have three children.

Justin’s mother has described her son as easy-going and respectable. She has also stated that she respects Justin. The two have been photographed together in Los Angeles at the 8th Annual Women Making History Awards hosted by the National Women’s History Museum.

Who is Justin Qualley?

Justin Qualley is a well-known real estate agent. He is also a brother to actress Margaret Qualley. He was born in the United States. His parents are Paul Qualley and Andie MacDowell. His mother is a singer and actress while his father is a rancher, musician, and contractor. Justin has two younger sisters. His grandmother is Pauline Johnston.

Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley met in New York when Andie was just starting her career. Paul was a model and had appeared in numerous ads and TV commercials. They married in 1986 and have 3 children together. In 1999, Paul and Andie divorced. The couple lives in North Carolina.

The couple’s parents met when she was a model for GAP ads services. They married in 1986, and the marriage lasted thirteen years. Paul and Andie divorced in 1999, but they continued to date and eventually married in 1986. After the marriage, the couple welcomed three children together, including their son, Justin.

Justin Qualley is the son of Andie MacDowell, an actress who has appeared in several movies. His parents are still active in the entertainment business. He grew up with a family with respect to his father’s work. His father, Paul Qualley, was a former model. His mother, Andie MacDowell, is a former model who has also worked in the film industry.

Andie MacDowell met her future husband, Paul Qualley, in 1985. The couple got married in 1986 and lived in Missoula, Montana. Paul Qualley built the house using his hands. However, she got bored with Paul’s increasingly sexy roles and separated from him in 1999.

Paul Qualley

Paul Qualley was born in New York City, USA. His exact date of birth is unknown. He is an American national and has been married to Andie MacDowell since 1986. They have three children: Justin, Rainey, and Sarah. He has a very good relationship with his children.

Although he does not disclose his net worth, Paul Qualley is a successful rancher. His net worth is estimated at more than $100,000. Although he does not make a great deal of money from his various businesses, his net worth is substantial. Qualley was born in New York City and attended a local high school and college. Because of his good looks, he was encouraged to pursue a career in modeling.

At a young age, Qualley was fascinated by the modeling industry and began to work on ads. Although he never had much success in modeling, he had the right body and face for it. He appeared in several ads and runways, but he did not enjoy them. He eventually left the modeling business and began a ranching business.

Paul Qualley was married to Andie MacDowell for seven years. They have three children together. He has also appeared in several films and has become a member of the entertainment industry. While he hasn’t walked the model’s path, he has lived a very successful life since his divorce from MacDowell.

Margaret Qualley

Margaret Qualley is an American actress. She was born to an artist family in Kalispell, Montana. She grew up in Asheville, North Carolina, and started studying ballet at age 14. She then won an apprenticeship with the American Ballet Theatre. She also attended the Professional Children’s School in New York. In 2016, she gave up her dancing career to pursue acting. She then attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

In The Leftovers, Qualley will play Jill, the daughter of Kevin Garvey, the town’s mayor. She is a straight-A student until the events of the show, dubbed “The Departure,” cause her mother to abandon her. Her abandonment pushed her into a dangerous crowd. She will play a pivotal role in the show.

The actress has three children, whose father was an actor. The two were married from 1986 to 1999. Margaret Qualley is the youngest. Her mother is Andie MacDowell. She had roles in several movies, including Four Weddings and a Funeral and Groundhog Day. Her dad, Paul Qualley, was Andie’s first husband. The couple split when Margaret was five.

While her mother had a successful career, Justin Qualley’s career isn’t as glamorous. He works as a real estate agent in Montana and has a ranch. His parents don’t usually share too many details about their son, preferring to keep a low profile. Justin Qualley is also modest and keeps to himself.