February 6, 2023
change theory test

People and candidates might be confused about the different methods that may cause book theory tests. But the most crucial question that has been arrived at here is how many methods of book theory test in the UK. Thousand of people have been applied for the change theory test, but it creates big problems during coronavirus. After the coronavirus, people applied rapidly for the changes theory test at about 210,00 candidates applied or changed to the book theory test. After coronavirus, it’s difficult for everyone to reverse and change theory tests quickly. Because not all the test canter has been opened. There are different methods, and ways that will help us to book theory tests in tests them were given below:

The Method Used For Change Theory Test:

In general, there are two main methods to change theory test that will be most prompt and helpful. The first method is to test centre and change or book theory test. And the second method is online to book theory test. In the first method, you need to go to any official office of the driver and vehicle agency. And book your theory test, and this method is not helpful because you need to take more time and money to change. But the online method is most prompt and being used due to modernism.

Most of the work has been done online, so people prefer the online method. You can say that you will never need to go to an office in this method, and you never need a specific time. You can book a theory test any time of day and night in front of your computer screen. And this method will be time-saving as well as money-saving.

You can book your theory test methods by using the official website of the driver and vehicle agency. For this, first of all, you need the following things to apply or a book that is given below:

  • The provisional driving licence will be helpful to change the theory testA debit card or credit card to pay bills or charges.
  • The full name that will be exact
  • The exact date of birth
  • Your email address that has been used for an emergency then will be helpful for you to be informed.
  • The home addresses that have been precisely on which you lived last three years.

These are some essential items that you will need to change the theory test or book or cancel or reschedule your theory test and driving test.

How Many Parts On Which Theory Test Consists?

In general, the theory test consists of two main ways the multiple-choice question and the hazard perception.

The Multiple-Choice Test:

When you want to perform your theory test, and for this method, you will be to enter into the test centre. The first thing you have been done is to show your driving license. If you forget the license, you will not be able to perform the theory test because it is the first and most important thing. After that, your test has been cancelled, so be careful when to take your documents.

When you start your test of this part of the multiple-choice you have 15 minutes for practice. There will be asked 50 questions in the test. You will need at least 43 correct answers to pass the test, and you have only 57 minutes to perform this part. If you have experienced and practised more and more, you perform your quick test.

The Hazard Perception Test:

After finishing the multiple-choice part, you have 3 minutes break then you start this section of your test. You will need to pass this section 44 out of 75 score points. And it consists of in the form video clips, and each clip has 5 minutes.
These are the two main parts of the theory test. The methods to book or change theory test have been discussed above.

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