December 7, 2022
Decorate Your Balcony With Flowers

Your favorite cup of morning coffee on the balcony with that ‘oh-so-perfect view’ of the blue sky and some amazing flowers besides is the dream that we all see.

Flowers have this quality of uplifting even the most boring surroundings. There are so many of them that you can use to decorate this favorite place of yours. However, most of you go dumbfounded about what to do when it comes to beginning this process.

We are here to help you with some amazing and creative ideas that can help you create the most scenic view on your balcony. Make sure that you check this out before placing an online flower delivery in Delhi for yourself.

1.      Micro Park

Is it possible to have a little garden on your balcony now? Well, indeed yes, now you can have a lovely garden on your balcony.  You may recreate a yard in the balcony by laying AstroTurf upon the floor. In wooden containers, colorful yet edible kale is presented.

In this arrangement, hanging plant containers on the balcony fence add a full growing area. With the primarily green surroundings, the flower’s flash of pink colors is a welcome accent. Even the tiniest herbs find a home in the little terra cotta pots that line the balcony’s edge!

2.      Sunny Side

Do you know that citrus trees thrive in the sun? And hence, a sunny balcony is great for producing your very own fruits! This inventive balcony garden demonstrates that you don’t need identical pots to create a visually appealing space. Tie up a white umbrella to the balcony railing shields the flowers from the sun.

With the installation of the hanging light over the coffee table, this balcony may now be enjoyed at night!

3.      Contemporary Comfort

Inside this lovely balcony garden decor, contemporary combines with utmost comfort. This balcony incorporates elements of the apartment’s design. When merging house design with the outdoors, it is critical to include interior design into the environment. These balcony gardens have done all this with the cushion, comforter, and food tray!

Apart from the patio chair, this room has no traditional outdoor furnishings. A footstool is used to serve as a plant stand, and a jute cord-wrapped ottoman adds to the homely ambiance. In line with the idea, the rug on this area breaks up the sleek grey, offering another visual feeling of comfort.

4.      Vertical Terra Cotta

Whenever it comes to balcony landscaping, you should never forget the value of hooks. They are ideal for hanging flower baskets or terra cotta planters. This design employs a basic eyehole hook and joins the pots with iron rods, washers, and screws. The beauty of this arrangement is discovered in the spacing of the pots to give visual intrigue. 

The metal rods placed in between the pots form a type of rainfall chain, allowing water to pass from the top to down. As a result, you may prevent water from seeping into the ground by sprinkling water on the top. This design would be equally appropriate for blooms or herbs.

5.      Mixed Color Décor

Vibrant colors attract attention to this little balcony gardening. Using conveniently placed multicolored pots on a plain wall can be a practical art. The wood on the balcony floor visually combines with the wood on the main house floor, extending the style of the property outside. A brightly colored ottoman complements the pots well, further complementing the home’s décor.

Also, a mesh all over the balcony allows the entrance to be left open, allowing fresh air and an uninterrupted view of the home without worrying about birds entering in.

6.      Culinary Collection

This balcony landscaping demonstrates that you may cultivate a diverse range of delicious fruits and herbs in your little space. This gourmet invention may be at your hands by using a plank of wood and blackboard paint. Make holes on the base of each layer of a vertical balcony garden to allow water to drain through.

This amazing idea prevents rot disease in your plants and increases the lifespan of the wood. Also, if you’re going to use planks for culinary gardening, ensure the wood has not yet been sprayed with a wood preservative. Outdoor living areas provide a wonderful chance for stunning home decoration with seasonal flowers that make your balcony designs into eye-catching decorations. It can change boring conventional apartment buildings and residences into stunning and remarkable locations. We hope that now your flower delivery in Gurgaon to your mom won’t go to waste, as you can disclose these tips to her, as well.