3 Excellent Tips to Set a Budget for Your Custom Rigid Boxes

As rigid box manufacturers in the USA, we often hear from our customers about allocating a budget for custom rigid boxes. When asked about their budget for creating rigid boxes, we found clients are reluctant to put a number on it. Creating a budget for product packaging may seem like a daunting task. But once you have a sound understanding of your needs and sales target, it becomes a lot easier to allot a certain percentage of your budget to packaging.
Typically, brands spend no more than 10% of their product budget on the packaging. However, now that there are endless options for packaging, budgets are likely to vary. While the shape and size of a custom rigid box may depend on the product, other elements are primarily incorporated to elevate the unboxing experience. Together the size and materials used to develop a box help determine the packaging costs.
With this post, we are looking to offer you some valuable tips that will aid you in building a budget by understanding various packaging elements.

Get a Gist of Your Packaging Needs

In the first place, you need to comprehend what kind of packages your products really need. Closely analyze the products you are selling and then choose the type of packaging you need. For instance, if you are selling high-end products or want to charge more cash against your goods, it’s best to opt for custom rigid boxes. Since you need to put them on display as you are bound to sell your products directly to customers.
Here’s what you should be asking yourself:
Do you sell delicate products?
Does your product have a fleeting life?
Are you looking to enclose more than one product in one packaging? If yes, then you definitely need to reconsider the size.
Do you intend to sell multiple products or bundles? If yes, then you must consider creating different packages and box sizes for them.
Also, get an idea of how much packaging material you will need. The options can range from paperboard to printing inks and more. Apart from that, consider the sales rate to determine the volumes you need to order while also computing seasonal demand and sales.
Suppose it’s the first time you are buying an item from an unknown or new brand. When the packaging arrives, you felt it’s nothing like you have ever seen in your life. It might be a custom rigid box with the company logo, but it is much deeper than that in reality.

Understand What Your Buyers Want When They Unbox your Goods

Another important aspect of budgeting is to keep track of the kinds of products and packages your consumers expect from you. Every customer has a certain expectation from a brand, so it is your responsibility to make sure you talk to them.
You can also ask yourself what your customers seek when they are unwrapping your products. For instance, they might prefer greener packaging boxes that can be recycled. Paperboard is one of the best choices to make eco-friendly custom rigid boxes. Furthermore, you can opt for biodegradable inks.
Customers love surprises, especially when they open a box. To get them excited or make them feel more valued, include little goodies like thank you notes or discount cards. It will persuade them to return to your shop for more purchases.

Know the Value of Functionality and Aesthetics

When it comes to aesthetics and personality, figure out what your customers truly value. If they value functionality, use custom rigid boxes that are eco-friendly and cost-efficient. And if you value aesthetics, then try to come up with an eye-catching design. Engage an expert designer that will provide you a stunning design for your packaging. Read more information and new updates the uk times.

Choose bold colors, patterns, and add-ons like debossing or embossing. Many rigid box manufacturers in the USA charge more for additional design elements. But when you place your order with the Packaging Republic, you get these and other design elements Free of cost.
Plus, you won’t have to feel apprehensive about meeting the minimum order quantity (MOQ) because the company has kept it to just 100 boxes. This means you don’t need to waste your money on packages.

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