How Candle Boxes are Attractive For The Customers

Candle boxes are quite versatile. They can carry your most delicate aromas while not getting in the way. Customizing them is quite easy, and with a little planning, you’ll be doing your nose a favor as well!

o Types of Candle Boxes: There are hundreds of different candle boxes shapes and sizes. Which one would you like to print or have printed? To save money, you can have your printing done by a company that specializes in custom printing, not all shapes are possible for this kind of packaging. For example, square and rectangular boxes are not always possible. Only a few shapes are available for standard sized boxes.

o Shapes: How many shapes do you like? How many standard size candles would you like to see? Small round candles, pillar candles, or tall glass candle boxes? Many candle boxes companies will have you come up with shapes and designs for free, while others charge a nominal fee to make special shapes.

o Types of Packaging: Some candle boxes are simply round or square. Other shapes are better for candle shipping boxes. Corrugated paper is best for light items. The material used is thinner, so colors can show vibrantly through the corrugation. Blue packaging goes with everything from scented candles to flavored gourmet beans. Choose a different color for each type of candle packaging and you can have a great variety.

o Eco-friendly packaging: Candle makers are now making smaller sized containers with reusable wax cubes, instead of standard polythene bags or tins. If you’re planning on selling your candles in bulk, eco-friendly candle packaging is a good choice for your customers. Choose recycled paper for corrugated cubes or a wicker basket for a wicker candle container. With smaller containers, you can use the same cardboard box you used for your custom candle packaging and custom candle boxes.

o Personalized packaging: What personal touch do you want to give your packaging? With so many different shapes and designs, how do you customize your candle boxes so they fit perfectly with your products? There are a number of companies that will imprint your company name and logo on your box’s surface or on its sides, or you can apply an acid-resistant laminate to the outside of the box. Laminated or engraved boxes are a good choice for your candles’ sides, but if you want your customer to be able to see your logo or business name at a glance, consider buying your custom printed candle boxes wholesale solutions.

o Containers for your candle gifts: Candle holders are a great alternative to traditional wicker candle holders. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials and are a more affordable option. When choosing a candle holder packaging solution, you must determine what size your container should be, whether it’s a squeeze bottle or small purse, and whether you want a clear or frosted door. Next you’ll need to determine whether you want a transparent or frosted window for your container. Lastly, you’ll need to decide whether you want your custom candle boxes to be metal, plastic, cardboard, or another material. A wide variety of packaging solutions exist that will suit any needs you may have.

Wholesale candle boxes make a great addition to your store. Your customers will enjoy the convenience of buying their favorite candles from you and your candle boxes will be sure to draw praises from your friends and neighbors. You’ll also find that your profits will increase as your inventory becomes more efficient and sales increase. This way, you can afford to buy larger quantities of candle boxes and other candle accessories. The sooner you invest in candle boxes, the sooner you can place them on the racks for sales. You will also save money in the long run because these affordable packages can last for years.

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