February 6, 2023
Digital Yuan

more intriguing when there are some additional elements for readers to enjoy. These elements can be hooks that can be placed in introductions to grab the attention of the readers from the very start. 

There are different kinds of hooks for an essay available and you can choose them based on your topic and flow. Let’s discuss one by one which hooks are good for usage and how you can include them:

Starting with a story 

Here you can write your own story or someone else’s story but make sure it’s relevant to your essay topic. Most essay writing service providers use this hook to deliver high-quality work. What makes this a powerful hook is the human behavior of listening & loving the stories since inception.

Shocking audience with a fact or statistic

Take the reader by surprise and impress him at the same time by mentioning a fact or stats that is not ordinary. You can show off your knowledge and research skills by mentioning something unordinary.

Making a statement and declaration

When you are making a statement or declaration you tell your readers that your topic is important. You can show the value it carries and why it should be taken seriously. It also portrays that you are experienced in your subject.

Including a metaphor or simile

This hook is interesting because you give your audience a chance to think with a wider perspective. A metaphor can compare your essay topic to a completely unrelated subject that is not very common. This will make the user more curious. 

Opening with a question

Ask a burning question that most people are asking and assure them that reading your essay will give them the answer they were looking for. This will make your user interested to know more.

Engaging with an interesting quotation

Quote someone famous or anyone for that matter as far as it is relevant to your topic or content. Make sure the words in the quotation are powerful, strong, or motivational.

Adding a description

This is more like a narration where you create a scene or set the plot and intrigue your readers to know what’s coming ahead. It can help you create curiosity in the mind of your reader.


It’s always good to be fun and creative when writing your essays. Topics can be really serious at times and therefore a reader might get bored or overwhelmed with the information present. A hook can give them a good start and keep them interested throughout. Good flow from the start won’t let the reader exit from your essay.