April 1, 2023
Ujjayi Pranayama

Pranayama, one of the foundational principles of Hatha yoga includes the practice of absorbing the sacred Prana into your body and mind. Similar to the numerous yoga asanas, there are also different types of Pranayama techniques. A commonly practiced form of Pranayama is the Ujjayi breathing technique.

If you are a beginner, then inculcating Ujjayi breathing into your yoga asana practice might be a bit hard. However, that does not means there are no benefits of this Pranayama technique. You should enroll in the Yoga Alliance certification program to learn the proper way of doing this breathing technique.

Let us first understand what is the Ujjayi breathing. Then we will share with the numerous benefits of this yogic technique.

Ujjayi Breathing – In Brief

For the majority of yoga practitioners, the first Pranayama technique they practice is the Ujjayi breathing. The practice of this breathing technique includes long and complete inhale-exhale through your nose.

The name Ujjayi translates to ‘Victorious Breath’. Some also call it the ‘ocean breath’ due to the wave-like sound created as the air passes through a constricted glottis, aka the vocal cords.

Needless to say, the practice of Ujjayi breathing offers numerous health benefits. Read on to know what these benefits are.

10 Benefits Of Ujjayi Breathing

The Ujjayi breathing technique is quite beneficial for your mind, body, and heart. It is a big help when you are practicing a challenging yoga pose.

With that said, given below are the ten awesome benefits of this Pranayama technique.

Develops Inner Heat

The slow and restricted breathing you practice during this Pranayama technique creates internal heat. It makes it easier and safer for your body to stretch and practice challenging yoga poses with ease.

Improves Focus & Concentration

As stated above, Ujjayi breathing is beneficial for your mind, body, and spirit. This links all three to the present moment which helps you concentrate on the task at hand. Moreover, it also adds depth to your yoga practice and boosts your mental awareness. Enroll in Yoga Alliance certification to learn the right way for practicing this Pranayama technique.

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Minimizes Stress & Tension

The creation of calming sounds helps your body relax and release all muscular tension and stress. It activates the vagus nerve and activates the parasympathetic activity of your nervous system.

Balances Energy Channels

Do you know that the Ujjayi breathing technique stimulates the Nadi channel in your body? This Pranayama technique activates the Sushumna Nadi to balance the Chakra center. In the long run, this helps you get rid of pain, balance the endocrine system, and start the healing process. Search for Yoga Alliance certification to learn everything about this Pranayama technique.

Strengthens The Lungs

During the Ujjayi breathing technique, when you partially constrict the throat it lets in less air which extends your respiration process and improves oxygen saturation. In other words, deep breathing improves air volume, the respiratory system, and strengthens your diaphragm.

Promotes Internal Cleansing

Controlled diaphragmatic breathing massages your internal organs. This also stimulates your digestive systems and promotes detoxification and decreases phlegm.

Improves Vitality

The Ujjayi breathing technique is quite popular in various yoga styles including Ashtanga, Jivamukti, and Power yoga. The reason being this Pranayama technique helps you develop stamina and energy. You should enroll in Yoga Alliance certification to know more about this powerful breathing technique.

Calms Body & Mind

Do you want to control high blood pressure? Try the Ujjayi breathing technique that slows down the heart rate and calms down your mind. It also helps you get rid of anxiety and unnecessary stress.

Improves Mood

The warmth Ujjayi breathing offers to your mind and body has an energizing effect. This improves your overall sense of well-being. Enroll in the Yoga Alliance certification program to learn and practice the best yogic techniques.

Relieves Sinus

The cranial vibrations you experience with the Ujjayi breathing technique open up the sinuses and relieve you of sinus pressure and headaches. In other words, the Ujjayi breathing technique of yoga is a life-saver.


Do you want to get rid of unnecessary stress and anxiety? Enroll in Yoga Alliance certification to get rid of these mental health issues and live a happy life.