April 2, 2023
Collagen supplements

Every individual dream of healthy skin and beauty. Even at 50, you would like to enjoy silky flowy hair and wrinkle-free and glowing skin. But, you cannot escape aging.

Several years ago, there wasn’t a provision for vitamins and supplements. However, today you can hear a lot of supplements with collagen. You will be surprised to know that there are several health benefits of these multivitamins and supplements.

There are a variety of collagen products that can help improve the health of your skin, joints, hair, and gut. But, when you search about these supplements, you are likely to be confused about which one to choose from.

Besides, you always have a few questions floating in your mind: how to determine the right collagen supplement for you? How will it benefit your body? How to buy them?

Discussed here is all you need to know about collagen that will help resolve all your queries-

What is collagen?

Collagen is an essential protein in the body required for the healthy growth of skin, connective tissues, and bones. A collagen is a protein form consisting of amino acids that are essential for structural repair in the body.

As a matter of fact, the natural production of collagen reduces every year after you turn 20 years. This means that you are likely to lose almost 20%-40% of your collagen levels by 40 years of age. This is why most people in their forties experience hair thinning, sagging skin and creaky joints.

In simple words, you can say that collagen is gelatin that has more hydrolyzed potential to form smaller proteins. These proteins can be easily digested and absorbed by the body.

You can easily dissolve collagen in water or any other liquids.

Advantages of collagen

An ideal solution to repair leaky gut

Your gut lining requires a significant amount of amino acids. Collagen supplements are a rich source of amino acids. No wonder, collagen helps you to repair and heal damaged intestinal tissues. Collagen supplements offer the much-needed nutrients and raw materials required for a healthy intestinal lining.

Hence, collagen supplements are an excellent solution to heal your gut lining.

Improved hair and skin

With an increased number of people consuming collagen supplements, these supplements have been found highly effective for improved hair and skin quality.

Young adults and people above the age of 30 years often experience the problem of hair thinning and hair loss. An additional intake of collagen helps to thicken the hair follicles and eventually it improves your hair texture.

However, collagen supplements cannot be the only solution for hair loss. You might have to work and consume special supplements prepared for hair growth. There is no denial in the fact that collagen boosts the growth of your nail and healthy-looking skin. Collagen also improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and strengthens skin cells. Collagen also reduces cellulite and keeps your skin hydrated.

Acts as a detox and weight loss

Collagen is a rich source of glycine and this is the most essential antioxidant for liver detox. This is why collagen supplements are recommended when you are asked for liver detox. Besides, glycine also helps to boost metabolism. This helps you to shed excess weight.

Improved joints

It has been observed that people who regularly consume collagen supplements have better joint health. Often, runners experience a problem with their knees. They experience constant pain in their knees.

It becomes all the more difficult to bear the pain during the winter season. With collagen supplements, athletes experience either reduced or almost no pain. Besides, you can continue to maintain your overall health.

Collagen also helps to maintain tendons and ligaments in good health. They also nourish your bones. Researchers suggest that collagen is an effective source to treat rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

Are collagen supplements a good solution?

Anyone above the age of 25 years is eligible to consume collagen supplements. If you happen to experience joint pain, thinning hair, aging skin, then a collagen supplement is an ideal choice.

However, it is important to seek professional guidance from your physician or nutritionist before you start consuming them. They can suggest the right dose and supplement based on your health issues. Usually, a dose of 5grams -12 grams is recommended but it is wise to gain a professional opinion.

The intensity of the dose is based on the intensity of your health. If your body produces very low amino acids including protein levels, then you will need a higher dose of collagen supplements.

The best part about these supplements is that you can easily mix them with any liquids. For instance, you can mix them with your favorite smoothie, water, juice, etc.

Besides, organic collagen powder and supplements are healthy and free from any side effects. You can buy some of them online as well.