April 1, 2023
Popular Colors of Granite Countertops
Granite Countertops
7 Most Popular Colors of Granite Countertops 

Granite countertops is the most popular type of stone commonly used in kitchens. This stone attracts many people for its appearance and composition. It contains feldspar, quartz, and mica and is generally grayish to white, although it occurs in many varieties of granite, as we will see below.

In the kitchen, granite is commonly found in countertops, tiles, and cabinet knobs. Granite is strong, sturdy, and can also be made to resist water and stains. 

Now let’s talk about some popular colors used in kitchen granite countertops.

  1. Gray granite
  2. Red granite
  3. Black granite
  4. White granite countertops
  5. Green granite
  6. Golden granite
  7. Beige granite
  8. Granite Uba Tuba
  9. Conclusion

Gray granite:

Gray granite is quite standard. That’s not to say it’s not an attractive choice for your kitchen counter, however.

Gray granite goes very well with other common colors in the kitchen. For example, many people have black ovens. Since gray granite is dark and often contains black lumps, it pairs well with black kiln.

Gray granite also has lighter areas, making it a good addition to lighter-colored cabinetry or other lighter-colored light fixtures in the kitchen. Since gray is often associated with professionalism, placing a gray granite countertop in your kitchen will give your kitchen a professional look.

Red granite:

Red granite countertops draw more attention to themselves than almost any other countertop color, especially if you choose a lighter, brighter shade of red. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Countertops, especially island counters, are often the center of a kitchen. People cook food for us, eat meals for us, etc. A red granite countertop can also give your kitchen more dynamism and life.

If you can’t choose between red granite and gray granite, some countertops contain a mixture of the two colors. Combinations of red and gray countertops create an interesting and natural look to the kitchen.

Black granite:

The black granite countertops are rigid. They draw attention to themselves in a different way from red counters and look very modern. In addition, they complement many other devices and devices quite well.

Going back to the previous black oven example. So black countertops will pair with a black oven. They will also provide a unique contrast to white furniture that you won’t find with other granite colors.

Also from an aesthetic point of view, it should be noted that black granite is less likely to absorb stains. This is very important as stains can stand out on some lighter-colored granite. As a side note, it’s worth spending the extra money to make sure any granite purchased is water and stain-resistant.

White granite countertops:

When you hear “white granite,” you might think of Alaska white granite or white river granite. These are two good choices if you prefer a white granite countertop; however, the different varieties of white granite are endless.

Compared to some of the other granite colors, white granite creates a lighter atmosphere in the kitchen. Also, white granite is interesting because it usually contains white, gray, and even black.

Some varieties of white granite, like Alaska, contain other colors as well. 

This means that white granite is very easy to combine with other items in your kitchen. White granite will go well with white furniture, a black oven, a black microwave, and even your faucet. If you are concerned about color matching, white granite might be an ideal option for you.

Green granite:

Green granite has become more and more popular in kitchens. They create a natural look and remind you of the surroundings. In addition, green countertops are available in many different shades. You can easily find a light green, dark green, and many shades in between.

Since many of these varieties contain white and gray, you won’t have to worry about matching countertops with other items in your kitchen. Depending on the shade, green granite countertops can also create a nice contrast to other items in your kitchen. 

Golden granite:

All the granite is elegant, but the golden granite is particularly elegant. If you have something in your kitchen with a golden color, or even just want to decorate your kitchen, golden granite is a good choice.

Much golden granite contains brown pieces, making them ideal for matching brown cabinetry. Additionally, golden granite, like many other colors of granite, comes in light and dark varieties. Depending on the look and feel of your kitchen, you should be able to find a suitable shade of golden granite.

Beige granite:

If you are still not sure which granite to choose for your kitchen countertops, you might want to consider beige granite. Because it’s more neutral than some of the other granite colors, beige granite works well with almost any kitchen style and doesn’t make a strong design statement on your kitchen.

Maybe you don’t want your countertops to stand out more than you need to. In this case, beige is ideal. Or maybe you want to draw attention to something else in your kitchen besides the counters. Again, beige is a good choice.

Granite Uba Tuba:

Uba Tuba granite certainly has an odd color name, but it’s a popular choice. It is mainly greenish but also black. This type of granite color is also called Verde Uba Tuba and may also contain specks of gold, white and brown color in addition to green and black.


Granite countertops are the best choice for their timeless beauty and resistance to heat and scratches. Whatever color of granite you choose for your countertops. So, you can’t go wrong with granite. Granite combines strength and durability with an ideal appearance to create an ideal countertop for the kitchen. Hope this guide will help you select granite colors.