April 1, 2023
Wholesome Video Games

In recent times, video games have picked up something of a bad reputation for being a bit violent and over the top, even being blamed for gun violence and other crimes, and while the jury is still out on what their effect is on us, you can rest easy knowing that video games don’t need to be sordid gun-filled action experiences. There are plenty of games that can be wholesome fun for the whole family too. Here are some of the most heart-warming and wholesome experiences you’re ever likely to have in a digital world.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is likely responsible for inspiring a good many games that depart from the traditional mold of what we expect a video game to be. It’s a game for those who sit at their desk staring out the window and wishing they could leave behind the bustling, fast-paced city life and move to the countryside to tend to the crops and enjoy the local town festivals. That’s exactly the premise of this retro-style wholesome farming-based game.You’ve just inherited your grandfather’s old farm and decided to move there and restore it and the town to its former glory.The core gameplay loop is simple and captivating, as are the characters that live in the nearby Pelican Town that you’ll befriend or even marry. It’s wholesome fun and it’s brilliant in every way.

Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is a 3D adventure game where you take on the role of Beatrix LeBeau, an amateur rancher with the dream of one day becoming the best slime wrangler in all the land. You’re equipped with a slime vacuum and with it, you’ll adventure out in search of every type of slime you can find. It’s like the slime version of Pokémon, in which your only real goal is to collect all the different slimes. Once successfully vacuumed, you’ll bring them back to your ranch and build a home for them where they can live out their days producing a farmable currency that you’ll use to expand your ranch. It’s silly and it’s fun, and most of all it’s wholesome!


Littlewood is another delightfully retro pixel-style game where you’re tasked with the formidable goal of making the people who live in Littlewood happy since you’ve already saved the entire world.Each character in Littlewood has desires, wants, and dreams, and you’re going to have to help them fulfill them if you’re going to be successful. These desires vary greatly, from getting a new piece of furniture to owning a dream home. There are a few simple mini-games that make up the core gameplay loop, like fishing, lumberjacking, and farming. It’s a game you can truly relax in and unwind from the stresses of your day. Can you make the residents of Littlewood happy again?

To enjoy the best experience playing games on a PC, you need a decent laptop. Click here for examples from a top brand. Wholesome gaming is a departure from the huge 3D worlds we associate gaming with, and it’s successful because it strips back all the shine and polish and presents us with something far more basic, but something we can easily fall in love with playing too.